Lula Beach

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Its just amazing this place is well worth knowing
One of the loveliest beaches of Brazil, Lula Beach stands out because it is less busy and have a good stretch of sand which allows the practice of differential esportes.Outro beach Lula is water clear and clean, allowing delicious dips and fun. The beach is surrounded by rainforest and boasts impressive views.

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Tranquil beach of great beauty is a great option for those seeking a less crowded beach where you can relax and have a delicious swim.

With a good range of clear and soft sand, calm sea features ranging from green to blue depending on the weather.

As in most of the beaches of Parati, that is also surrounded by native forest preserved, especially for some coconut palms and almond trees that provide shade for visitors.

The place has a summer home, but usually receives a few visitors during the high season, here are a great option for relaxing and bathing in the sea.

This beach does not have infrastructure, it is indicated that tourists bring food and drinks that do not happen unexpectedly.


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