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About Linhares

Linhares is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. It is located at latitude 19 º 23´28 "south and longitude 40 º 04´20" west, with an altitude of 33 meters. Its population in 2010 was 141,254 inhabitants. It has an area of 3502 km ². Linhares is the city with the largest area capixaba coastal and territorial extent.

In this city there are two forest reserves, the Sooretama and Cia Vale do Rio Doce. The latter is the only place where it is still found a rare tree in the Atlantic Forest, the Buchenavia pabstii in extinction.

Nature has been generous with Linhares, presenting the region with lakes, waterfalls and beaches, and flora and fauna of the Atlantic. To preserve as much wealth, protected areas were created. Among them is the Reserva Natural Vale do Rio Doce, with two thousand square miles of forest, explored through trails flagged.

Already the reservation Train has focused turtles. There are 37 miles of secluded beaches and, at the Visitor Center, an aquarium presents the different species. The project is developed in the community of Regency, a charming fishing village.

Another local attraction is Barra Seca, official naturist beach accessible only by boat and by being on an island.

The surfers are present in the Village beach with big waves and strong while Pontal do Ipiranga calls attention to the sandbank vegetation and rustic scenery preserved.

Who is a fan of freshwater makes the party Angeli waterfall, surrounded by Atlantic forest, bromeliads and orchids. And still has dozens of lakes, as Juparanã, good for swimming, fishing and enjoying the golden sunset, and Nova, sought to boat rides.


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