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About Lenis

Before becoming one of the input ports of the National Park of Chapada Diamantina, Sheets sported the title of "capital" Diamond. Registered by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage, preserves the cobblestone streets and 19th-century houses, now occupied by colored bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as agencies that organize hikes and activities in the park.

The city of Lenis emerged in the mid-nineteenth century with the discovery of many diamond deposits in the region of the town of Mucug. They old around 1844 that a "just" to Casusa Prado and his slave came from Mucug to find diamonds. The slave and the Lord filled the piquais sent the pagem sell them at Old Plateau.

Then the man was arrested as a highwayman, but known to history as the people tore cattle Lavra new to all this. Who came finally could see the top of the mountain, the roofs of the tents stretched down there, as if it were a city of sheets.

The news of the discovery spread and soon adventurers flocked here from all over the province, some of casualties conditions, and other wealthy, affluent, people even lineage of great features, including numerous slavery, but all with the same ideal .

Reportedly, the name of the city comes from Lenis lagedos through which the river passes foaming, down the mountain, as if it were all a beautiful blanket embroidery, lace all made by the hands of fairies. This vision was given mainly by people who arrived over the Sincor range.

From the middle of the last century the town of Lenis faced a major economic crisis, because with the high demand for diamonds of all the stone began to get scarce. Since then the city has seen in a cross: continue this extractive activity or enjoy its natural beauty and for architectural tourism.

From the social movement called MCC, or Community Creativity Movement, composed by Steve Horman and city residents, Sheets could be overturned in 1973 by IPHAN (National Artistic Heritage Institute) and National Heritage. This was the first step towards the development of tourism in the Chapada Diamantina.


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