Leblon Beach

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Leblon seen from above
The beach is in the neighborhood of Leblon Leblon, one of the most chic and prestigious neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. There many artists live television, what do you allow Trombe with his idol on a simple walk on the boardwalk to the beach. The Mirante do Leblon is one of the most visited tourist spots in Rio.

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Known as the district housing most famous artists, some of the names of the cultural elite, political and economic Rio, Leblon is an upscale neighborhood that lies in the south of Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the district is home to the headquarters of the football club with more fans in Brazil, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

Continuation of Ipanema, Leblon beach is framed by luxurious buildings. The Leblon beach is one of the most popular peaks in Rio de Janeiro, for its natural beauty and often, to be tourist spot of celebrities.

With 1.3 kilometers, the beach of Leblon lies between the slopes of the hill two brothers and the garden of Allah. It starts the bike path that goes to the rudder. It is surrounded by Dolphin Av Moreira which on Sundays is forbidden for leisure from 8:00 until 18:00.

The famous beach of Leblon has many attractions for tourists and locals get the natives. With a little more rough waters, there are schools of surf near the edge of the beach and lets you enjoy the sea.

The Mirante do Leblon, located in the far right corner allows a breathtaking view, ideally conducive to watch the setting of the sun. Another point that also draws attention, more this time for moms baby is low, a newspaper stand prepared to serve children with services that include comfort station, playground sand, toys and many events.

The Leblon beach is also the stage of the Globes TV screens. Some novels like Out of love, live life, women in love, family ties, and others were shot in the outskirts of Leblon, since the writer Manuel Carlos resides there.

At night the Leblon is also trendy. Restaurants and bars come together and offer the most delicious and typical of the southeastern coast can offer. There are also traditional clubs for those who prefer a more lively night and party.


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