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The Largo Marquis of Monte Alegre is nothing more than a historical center, where you can learn a little more about the history of Santos.

The former mansion of Valongo, opposite the train station of the former São Paulo Railway, has been established for the City of Saints and the City Council. Then, during the twentieth century the building was purchased by individuals, and until the 1980s was still standing but severely degraded. In 1985 a fire destroyed much of the building, and remains today the ruins.

On site will be erected the Pele Museum with the reconstruction of the original facade of the house from Valongo, 19th century, and creating a building with 21st century technology.

The station was opened in Valongo February 16, 1867 by St. Paul Railway, the first railroad from Sao Paulo and one of the first in Brazil. Off in 1996, with the extinction of passenger transport, the station Valongo remained closed and unused for several years. The building was restored by the City em2003 and reopened the following year, when it housed the Secretariat of Tourism of Santos.

è in Largo´s famous cable cars that are electric, one of the most popular rides for those who will visit the historical center of Santos.


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