Lagoinha do Leste

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For those who want peace and cocego the East Pond is the most suitable
To reach the East Pond is necessary to cross tracks, long or short, which had been exploring the forest and have Florianópolis enchanting landscapes. East Pond is no more than one of the last bastions of rainforest preserved that can be known, and believe me, holds many beautiful things.

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One of the last strongholds of Atlantic forest still preserved in Florianópolis, the Municipal Park of the East Pond was created by law in 1992 and covers an area of ​​453 hectares of lush beauty.

Beach, coast, pond, waterfall and native forest, these ingredients are put together in the East Pond, which hides its charm among the hills south of Florianópolis.

The best way to reach the East Pond is on foot, by car is impossible, there is no road. More if you want more comfort and tranquility, you can go there by sea, landing on account of poor surf.

This relative difficulty of access has over time served as a protective shield in place. The walk gives to breaking a sweat, but also does not require mountaineering skills and can be viewed without sacrifice by those who enjoy being close to nature.

You can choose between two tracks, the faster and lasts an hour slower, about three. The long journey, however, worth it for unveiling breathtaking scenery.

In Pond there is no structure of bars, so bring water and snacks and do not forget to bring your trash back.

The place is 28 km from the city center.


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