Lago Negro

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The Black Lake is the main point for a ride in pedal boats, which attracts couples in love for a romantic stroll in the evening.
The Black Lake is a park that has enchanted by the simplicity and preserved many natural beauties here. He was named to receive Pines for decoration imported from Germany, which have a dark green color that reflected in the water, leaving the Black Lake. In the lake you can have lunch and even make a romantic paddleboat ride.

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Among the attractions of the Black Lake Lawn has special emphasis. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the city.

Its beauty and tranquility attract tourists and locals who enjoy its banks, moments of pure delight. A good walk or bike ride around the Black Lake, which has forest and paddle boats, is a delicious way to start a good day. Sometimes the fog covers the lake and the landscape is really European.

Initially it was called Vale do Bom Retiro, so after a huge fire that razed the forests in the region, the ruler of that time decided to create the park and walked around the side with trees imported from Germany.

Its waters are deep and dark green loads, reflecting the high pine alternating with the colorful azaleas in winter and in summer blue hydrangeas.

The park has all the infrastructure that ensures convenience to visitors. In Black Lake Parador is possible to have lunch overlooking the lake, have a coffee, enjoy an ice cream and even see how to prepare "live" the famous chocolate Lawn.

The Black Lake is located at Rua A. J. Renner and 24 hours.


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