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Jurerê is one of the most famous beaches of Brazil, to be deserted and frequented by those who love to enjoy a quiet
Jurerê is one of the most popular beaches in the country, for having clean water and have a well-planned infrastructure. The place is divided into two parts: Jurerê International, consisting of a huge condo entitled to a shopping heaven opened, and Juererê Traditional, where the houses are old and traditional villages of the place.

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The sea of green, with mild temperatures and calm waves makes Jurerê a typical beach north of the island. They are little more than three kilometers long with fine sand and clear, which provide a pleasant walk. In the water, sailboats and motorboats of the Yacht Club of Santa Catarina give a sophisticated touch to the look.

The district is divided into two parts with distinct characteristics. In the left corner is Jurere residential subdivision, a totally planned, featuring parks, supermarkets, open air shopping center, bars, fine restaurants and ample parking for those who just want to spend a day at the beach.

These characteristics have attracted people concerned about the comfort and quality of life, which turned the place into a sort of park mansions.

At the right is known as the Traditional Jurerê. There are the oldest residents of the neighborhood, with its touch of simplicity and restaurants with typical cuisine of the island.

This part is home to the Yacht Club of Santa Catarina, with a pier that has access via the beach. The Beach Jurerê this to 23 miles from downtown Florianopolis.


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