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About Jundiaí

Jundiaí is a Brazilian city in the state of São Paulo. Located at 23 º 11´11 "south latitude and 46 º 53´03" west longitude at an altitude of 761 meters. Dista 57.7 km from the state capital. With 370,126 inhabitants is in the state, the 15th largest city and the seventh largest outside of Greater São Paulo. It is also the 59th largest in Brazil, with more than four state capitals. Its name comes from Tupi language, meaning "water catfish."

One of the richest cities in the state of São Paulo, Jundiaí prides itself on its green areas, frequented by locals and tourists on weekends. Much of the natural charms are concentrated in the Sierra Japi, an Atlantic forest reserve with trails, lookouts, waterfalls and natural pools, accessible neighborhood Eloy Chaves.

One way is the best known of the Trial (or Chapel), with five kilometers through the riparian forest. Stay tuned to the requirement for prior appointment - only 15 people per day can enter the reserve, always with tracking monitors.

The street version of the above program is the City Park, an area of ​​500 thousand square meters taken by miles of bicycle paths, and lawns, Japanese garden, courts, tracks and aeromodelling model car, playgrounds, amphitheater and food kiosks. The park, which is just off to Itatiba, still has a dam.

For those who prefer the circular center Jundiaí, the option is the Botanical Gardens, with 148 square meters dotted with waterfalls, fountains and walkways. Stretch the ride to the friendly museums installed around - the Railroad Museum of Paulista, with a collection of machines, tools, models and furniture cars and stations, and the Museum of Electricity, with objects, experiments and lots of interactivity.

Rural life also yields good programs in Jundiai. Visited by couples and families, the coffee farm Nossa Senhora da Conceição offers horse and carriage rides, a restaurant, a museum and a small emporium filled with candy, cookies, crafts, cachaça, breads baked in wood-fired oven, and of course coffee grown on the farm.

The class of seniors will play with the Fruit Loop, a script that can last up to five days undergoing properties of nine neighboring towns. They are fruit farms, artisanal wineries, apiaries and stills, with the right to participate in the harvest and care for the crops.

To check out and enjoy nature Jundiaí for a vantage point, the tip is to make a glider flight. The ride smooth and quiet lasts about twenty minutes.


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