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About Joinville

Joinville is a city situated in the northeastern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, with 1130.878 km and a population of 515,250 inhabitants in 2010. Most populated municipality of Santa Catarina, third in the South and 36 from Brazil, is also the headquarters of Microregion Joinville, Santa Catarinas Mesoregion Northern Metropolitan Region and the North / Northeast Catarinense. Its metropolitan area, consisting of the counties adjacent to each other forming the Metropolitan North / Northeast Santa Catarina, has about 1,094,570 inhabitants.

Blooming color the city, full of half-timbered buildings, the typical architecture of Germany. The legacy of immigrants is strong also in gastronomy, with delicacies ranging from colonial cafes filled with meals based on embedded, potato salad, sauerkraut, pork, among others.

Despite being the most populous city and modern Santa Catarina, Joinville still preserves its rural area, with its customs and traditions. In the neighborhoods of Bonita Road and do Pirai, framed by the Atlantic Forest, the properties offer tractor rides, visit the stills, waterfall baths and selling colonial products such as cakes, biscuits, jams, cheeses and smoked.

The accent of the Old World remains in malls and museums, such as the Immigration and Colonization, with furnishings from the 19th century, the Bike, which brings together more than 16 thousand pieces, and the Iron, with models of several generations.

One of the biggest prides of Joinville is the Bolshoi ballet school - the city is the only location outside of Russia to rely on a base of the institution. The choice was no accident: more than 25 years the municipality conducts the International Dance Festival, considered the worlds largest.

During 11 days of July, about four thousand amateur and professional dancers from different styles and countries gather in the city for a marathon of presentations, workshops and courses. The audience raves about the shows at the Events Center Cau Hansen and also with parallel programming and free invades malls and plazas.


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