Joatinga Beach

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Rowing is a constant practice on the beach in Joatinga experience and a much
The beach is a small Joatinga environmental reserve, more than holds many landscapes and natural beauties that enchant and worth making the trip very worthwhile. Why be preserved, Joatinga still has a more wild-looking interior, more houses a population of middle class and has good quality restaurants that offer the tourist.

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A small beach, can you walk from one end to another in 10 minutes, this is the beach Joatinga an environmental reserve in Rio that attracts families seeking a quiet and charming journey.

Right in the middle of the road from Joah, which connects So Conrado to Barra da Tijuca beach Joatinga is a hidden paradise. The sand is bright white, the sea allows for both surfing and swimming, there is parking and security.

The Joatinga beach is literally a place to relax. Joatinga is still a wild beach, which give the impression of being in a typical town in the interior, and great to practice some water sports like surfing, besides having several trails and dirt roads for those who like adventure.

Joatinga home to many upscale homes around it, besides having several good restaurants and bars on its edge and a great safety, offering comfort and tranquility to visitors and local residents.


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