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The Joaquina beach is deserted and ideal to relax and to enjoy such beauty
Joaquina Beach is one of the most sought after places to ride in Florianópolis, being quiet and peaceful, ideal for those seeking tranquility and clean water to refrescar.As good waves attract surfers from around the world are charmed by the beauty of Floripa.

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Joaquina was a lace-maker of the early eighteenth century, a resident of the eastern beaches of the island of Santa Catarina, who besides teaching the women to weave beautiful lines and forming domestic utensils, prepared food for the fishermen who used to kill the hunger in his ranch by the sea.

Says the legend that one day she was on the beach when weaving income was swallowed by strong waves.

The beach of "Joaca" gained fame from the 70´s, when its waves were discovered by surfers worldwide. Several surfing championships were to emerge, highlighting great personalities of Santa Catarina.

Frequented by surfers, beautiful girls, practicing beach volleyball and a futebolzinho in the late afternoon, is one of the best beaches offering the tourist infrastructure, receiving during the warm days of spring and summer a large number of trips from all over the Brazil and abroad.

The cluster of rocks situated to the left, the night illumination and public showers are among the registered trademarks of Joaquina. There is also ample parking, restrooms, parking for coaches, lifeguards, police station, handicraft shop, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Besides the beach, you can enjoy the most famous dunes in the south, and as sand board or surf on the sand.

The boards used in this sport can be rented on the spot. In summer the dunes are invaded by people up and down the sands of Joaca.


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