Jijoca de Jericoacoara

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About Jijoca de Jericoacoara

Jijoca Jericoacoara is the northernmost municipality of the Brazilian state of Ceara, which is the main natural attraction Jericoacoara.

The beach is Jericoacoara loved the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet and, despite his fame to run the world, the pace of life in the old fishing village remains the same, as well as the sandy streets and no street lighting, and how paradisiacal destination, just 300 kilometers from Fortaleza, remain untouched?

Due to poor access, which only allows tourists to get to Jeri on vehicles with four-wheel drive, after much jolt.

Another reason is the transformation of the region area of environmental protection, which happened in 1984 and later in a National Park in 2002, preserving an area of ​​200 square kilometers full of golden sand dunes, swamps and lagoons of clear water.

Across the water surface, the good winds of the region considered one of the best in the country for water sports, fishing boats and surfboards lead kite, which divide the space in perfect harmony. Take the buggy ride or gardener to get there.

Already the center of Jericoacoara beach, frequented by windsurfers in particular, is to highlight the dune Sunset Sun every day, late afternoon, locals and tourists go up the hill 30 meters of sand to enjoy the spectacle of the sun diving in the sea. Then, the village becomes party.

With transados ​​restaurants, lively bars and forrs foot of the mountain, offers programs for everyone. On full moon nights, however, the preferred program is simply to enjoy the sky, always full of stars.


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