Jangada Ride

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By far the rafts that take tourists for rides unforgettable
The Raft trips take you to ois interesting points of Porto de Galinhas, Island Beach and St. Alexius Sheep, beautiful sights that allow many new features for you. During the tour you have the opportunity to experience the diversity of marine animals, like the seahorse.

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One of the hottest rides to do in Porto de Galinhas are Jangada Rides, follows Catamaran to the island of St. Alexius past the beach Sheep.

The tour takes tourists to two very interesting points. Sheep Beach is considered one of the most beautiful and rustic state, while the island of St. Alexius is famous for the dozens of shipwrecks in their surroundings, attracting divers from diverse backgrounds.

The tour lasts all afternoon, which is nice to be able to make good use of every detail of these beautiful places.

In both destinations, diving is released, which brings many surprises, such as seahorse catch in hand and feed the fish while you bathe in their midst.


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