Jacumã Beach

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Skibunda The most popular attraction is the beach of Jacumã
Strong Beach Jacumã is aerobunda where tourists slide in the sand with her ass until they bathe in the sea and calm waters. The tours of the dunes búgui also attracts many tourists, who marvel at the vastness of the beach and with stunning views to the north of Brazil preserves.

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One of the main attractions of the beach is the Jacumã aerobunda. The Aerobunda is an extreme sport where tourists sit on a swing, and a steel cable is pushed forward, sliding across the wire to the end of the dune and stopping with her ass in the water.

Besides aerobunda, Jacumã beach attracts tourists for other reasons. There are 33 miles from home, the beach offers fun and relaxation for those looking for a nice and peaceful period of vacation and rest.
Another great attraction are the beach rides búgui, where you have opportunity to meet all the natural beauty that the beach offers comfort and security.

Jacumã is a beach surrounded by reefs that turn it into the cove, leaving the waveless sea, calm and good for swimming.

With a well-developed beach Jacumã offers comfort, fun and satisfaction when it comes to gastronomy. The culinary Natal is known to be composed of spices typical of the North, making their daily meals are enjoyable and unforgettable.


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