Itapu„ Beach

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Beautiful landscapes throughout the beach
Considered the most famous beach in Salvador, Itapu„ Beach is known for its beauty and hospitality. Surrounded by ancient dunes and coconut trees, the beach has a lovely eye and attracts tourists from around the world. One of the attractions of the place more inviting is the surf, there are more who likes just see the sea from the lookout.

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No wonder that in his music, Vinicius de Moraes described in Itapu„ a wonderful afternoon. The beach is Itapu„ is 21 kilometers from the center of Salvador enchanting landscapes and reserves.

The most famous beach of Salvador is adorned with giant palm trees that adorn the waterfront and offers leisure and comfort to tourists. Sought for its calm waters and clean beach Itapu„ is full of natural beauty.

The postcard best known and most frequented beach in Itapu„ Itapu„ is the lighthouse, where you can see much of the neighborhood Itapu„ cabin and watch a sunset beautiful sunset.

Moreover, its white sands attract tourists to distractions such as walking and even observation of turtles, was identified as a spawn point on the beach, which generated more attractive for the beach.

After Itapu„ Beach, stretching along the coast to other municipalities, call the North Coast, which runs to the border with Sergipe.

Located north of town, off the Bay of All Saints, Itapu„ is directly bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, allowing, in some places, surfing.


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