Itamaracá Island

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A beautiful view of paradise Pernambucano
The island of Itamaracá is simply stunning. Protected by Law, the island attracts tourists because it is beautiful and charming book for anyone who wants to tour with her. The beach is known to promote raft rides and boats, and protect Fort Orange, monument built by the Dutch and rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1654.

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The Itamaracá is a fantastic place and charming that many tourists looking to visit to see one of the most awesome places in Brazil.

The Itamaracá is also in a small town which is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Recife. The island is separated from the mainland by the canal of Santa Cruz.

The city lies in the unity of geoenvironmental Downloaded Coastal Northeast, with dunes, salt marshes and mangroves. The native vegetation consists of evergreen forest and dunes.

The beach is 50 km north of Recife and booking many sights and enchanting natural beauty. The calm sea and the sand banks are the main characteristics of beaches Itamaracá as Dolphin Cove, and molded depth Jaguaribe Beach Sossego.

There is nothing comparable to a boat or raft to the island from the Crown of the Airplane, a sandbar located at the meeting Jaguaribe river to the sea, perfect for diving or simply enjoy the stalls well structured.

The natural beauty, however, are not the only attractions of Itamaracá. The Fort Orange, built by the Dutch and rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1654, also attracts visitors.

At night Itamaracá comes to life and movement. Bars and restaurants around the island attract tourists and offer several attractive typical for those who visit the island as a traditional food and dances.


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