Itacimirim Beach

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In Itacimirim everything is so lovely when the entire trip Porto Seguro
The beach is a perfect Itacimirim Brazil. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees, it has an area of ​​almost one kilometer and is quite useful to bathe and play in the sand. The beach is quiet, and therefore receives a lot of families there all year.

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There are 3.5 kilometers from Porto Seguro, Itacimirim beach is very long, nearly a mile, is slightly inclined and has a narrow strip of sand, making a lively beat and tents, which, besides touching ax music offer various snacks, cold beer and caipirinha.

The beach is well known and visited by tourists on weekends, holidays and vacations. His most famous piece is the Praia da Espera, where in 1984 Amyr Klink arrived after crossing the Atlantic.

On the beach Wait, there are stalls where food and beverages are sold.

The beach also has lodges and a luxury resort with power infra-structure. To the north, the waters are muddied by meeting with the Rio Pojuca.

In Itacimirim beach has many vacation homes and for most of the year, its population is only the native.

Typical dishes of the region and based on sound ervidos seafood in the many restaurants by the seaside.

At low tide, the attraction is due to the various pools.


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