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About Itacaré

Itacare is a municipality in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Its population in 2010 was 24,340 inhabitants.

Old colonels refuge of cocoa, Itacaré went into oblivion in the 60´s when a relentless pest, the witches´ witch, led to the decay farms.

The target was only rediscovered 40 years later, with the opening of Park Road, Ilheus-Itacare. The asphalt has replaced the precarious dirt road, hitherto seen only by surfers in the 70s, paved and maintained the anonymity the abandoned piece of paradise.

With easy access also came the hype, the perks, with comfortable guesthouses, sophisticated resorts, international cuisine restaurants, Internet cafes, shops and the constant movement of tourists.

Itacare, however, revived under the blessings and ecotourism is growing in an orderly manner, preserving rivers, waterfalls and deserted beaches framed by hills covered with Atlantic Forest, a very different scenario of the main postcards of Bahia where predominate dunes and cliffs.

Decay, only in centrinho the village, where there is still abandoned houses. But some have been retired and are home to trendy restaurants of seafood, such as those installed in the street Lodônio Almeida, the most charming of Itacare.

Also busy is the street Pituba, Old Beach Road and full of bars, which earned the new name in reference to democratic neighborhood of Salvador. That is where the buzz rolls the night, which always ends on the slopes of forró houses or in the sand to the sound of reggae and electronic music.


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