Island Cataguases

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The island of Cataguases is one of the most beautiful to know, full of pitangueiras, it smells sweet and charming beauties
There are 5 minutes from the Island Creek is located in Cataguases, just a lovely place, just 500 meters from the mainland. Its interior is filled with planting cherry, because of this, the island spreads a fresh scent throughout the length of Cataguases. The ideal is to visit her in the morning because the afternoon the boats take over the island.

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The Isle of Odessa is 5 minutes from the center of Angra and is 500 meters from the mainland. The sand is so white it looks more like a huge mirror of nature.

The waters there produce a unique spectacle, mixing green with blue. This is the result of cleaning the waters with the blue reflection from the whiteness of its sand.

The recognition of its beauty comes in the shape of campaign advertising, soap operas and commercials that have made ​​this scene the protagonist of the cast.

The island of Odessa is the right destination rides sloops and schooners and its interior is filled with pitangueiras, making the ideal place for picnics.

In high season, the tip is to visit them early, before the arrival of the schooners that overcrowded scene.


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