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Boots The island seen from above, shows that they really look like a pair of boots
Boots The island is known for its beautiful aquarium amid the rifts that divide the island into two parts. She is one of the main cards of Angra and stands out for having a clean water and mixes the colors green and blue, leaving the look increasingly bonito.Ilha boots is located in Grand Island, the largest of Angra.

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Boots The island is one of the main cards of Angra dos Reos. Two small rock formations covered with coconut palms and bromeliads, are nicknamed Boots that when viewed from above, resemble a pair of boots.

Account the local legend that the islands were only one which had been split in two by a pirate ship. Shaped like a pair of shoes, its main attractions are incredibly transparent waters and white sands.

With white sandy bottom, the depth reaches 10 meters and calls for diving and snorkeling.
The two sides are divided by a rich slot 20 meters wide, filled with marine life.

It is as if entering a tank, the amount of colorful fish and sea-stars that can be found here.

Boots The island is located in the Bay of Ilha Grande, the largest island of Angra dos Reis. She is also very close to the island of Gipia, the second largest.


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