Indian Reservation Jaqueira

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Entrance to the Reserve Jaqueira already preparing for the adventures
The reserve is home to Indigenous Jaqueira Pataxós hundreds of Indians who are super happy with the visit of tourists. They prepare and present indigenous rituals for tourists, and provide meals and many crafts originated in the tribe.

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Knowing Jaqueira Indian Reservation is one of the coolest rides to do in Port Security. With 827 hectares of native forest, the reserve gets its name because of a huge trunk Jaqueira who fell by the very action of nature.

Legendary Hollow around the site, still in its original format, give the exact feeling of being in the land of Pindorama. Engaged in the proposed development, the Pataxós Jaqueira began receiving visitors to the practice of ecotourism. This is the Proecotur first project implemented in an Indian village, several activities promoting environmental conservation, ecotourism and cultural affirmation.

In the place called quigeme, covered a large circle where the rituals take place. In the ritual, the Indians dress up and paint the character, welcome site visitors with demonstrations of their culture. Tourists have the opportunity to practice archery games, buy handicrafts made ​​in his own tribe, hiking and even try the delicious typical cuisine that includes traditional dishes such as grilled fish at the leaf patioba.

You can choose between two options of trails: the longer it takes two hours to traverse, crossing dense portions of the Atlantic. The other track is shorter, takes approximately 40 minutes and allows visitors to learn about the agricultural practices, hunting and cultivation of medicinal plants.

At the end of the program, the indigenous community invites everyone to participate in the SEA, a ritual of thanksgiving to Iamissun, the creator, represented by the sum of the four elements of nature. Then place a small fellowship of thanks for visiting, with dancing´s Finch.

It is necessary prior contact with Pataxó Ecotourism Association. The reserve receives up to 48 people per day, with tours lasting an average of 3 hours.


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