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About Imbassaí

Imbassaí is a district of the municipality of Bahia de Mata de São João, located on the north coast of the state in the current Tourism Zone of the Coconut Coast. Its main access to the green line, reaching 10 km from Praia do Forte. It is originally a small Indian village that has now become one of the most visited tourist destinations of the state of Bahia. With hotels, bars, restaurants, craft shops, police station and clinic.

Rafts are transporting visitors to the beach bars that serve snacks both facing the ocean and the beautiful estuary framed by coconut trees.

Imbassaí is the first beach on the Green Line, as it is called the beautiful coastal road linking the Bahia Sergipe. Distant only 14 miles from Praia do Forte, the rustic village has nice beaches and evaded by coconut trees, dunes and rivers perfect for gigantic freshwater baths. Centrinho in the village, amid the cashew trees, lie the pousadinhas, bars and restaurants.

Several streams are formed along the six miles of waterfront without vehicle traffic. At high tide, however, to reach the beach that gives name to the village must use the pinguelas wood or small boats make the crossing.

Taking advantage of the variety, the simple stalls spread their tables near the sea and also near the river Barroso. Customer, simply choose only bathe in that water.

To meet the secluded beach of St. Anthony, one of the nicest in the area, you must follow up the camp´s Diogo, six kilometers. From there a trail part one kilometer amid the dunes ending at the beach framed by coconut trees and white sands.

In the community of fishermen installed there is a beautiful handicrafts - handbags and placemats are made from straw, which is woven and dyed. Parts can also be found in the restaurant´s Shadow hose, which serves one of the most famous and coveted moquecas the region.


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