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The tours allow Ilhatur with lovely views.
The Ilhatur is a place that follows you and lets you know Fernando de Noronha from one end to another, tirelessly and with great fun. With it, you walk the main tourist attractions of the island, accompanied by guides and locomoted for buggies. You are entitled to diving, boating, among many things.

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Ilhatur is a group that performs a variety of tours for you during your stay at Fernando de Noronha with amazing prices.

With them, you do all the rides Buggy, with stops at certain locations on the island.

The tour lasts all day and takes most of the tourist beaches of the archipelago, between the seas in and out and stops for scuba diving.

The Ilhatur also includes tours of the various viewpoints of the region and Vila dos Remedios.

With Ilhatur you practice hiking, ecotourism, walking, boat dives and practice centralssub, a sport submerged in water, pulled by a board.


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