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Big Island is an island off the Brazilian coast in the western state of Rio de Janeiro, near the town of Angra dos Reis, and whose territory includes the districts of Abraham and Araçatiba Beach.

Big Island has over one hundred beaches, including some of the most beautiful of southeastern Brazil, as Lopes Mendes, Cachadaço Adventurous and, thus, becomes the largest island in the bay of Angra dos Reis.

The archipelago, however, offers more than idyllic. The crystal clear waters are home to rich marine life, the trails through the rain forest that lead to further unveil rivers creeks and waterfalls.

The main town of the island is the town of Abraham, with approximately 3000 inhabitants and it concentrates most of the infrastructure of the island, such as health center, primary school, post office and detachments of the Fire Department and Military Police. A ferry service connects the village daily to Abraham with Angra dos Reis and Mangalore on the mainland. The village counts, too, with a wide range of hostels, campsites, bars, restaurants and shops for tourists. Besides this, there are some other small communities scattered around the island also endowed with tourist infrastructure, as Provetá.

Access unconventional is only one factor that contributes to the Big Island continue with the mood of a fishing village, although holidays and high season is intense movement. The other reasons are due to the transformation of the region in the State Park and Biological Reserve, which helped to end the camps and irregular constructions. Also the existence of a maximum security prison, which was deactivated in 1994, contributed most to the isolation of the island for many decades.

The exuberant nature makes the days start early on the Big Island. I can not sleep a lot considering the plethora of attractions to be discovered during the tours. By boat, you arrive at the Blue Lagoon, a natural aquarium and one of the postcards of the region on the basis of transparent waters and the amount of colorful fish, starfish and sea.

For certified divers, the breakpoints are the many shipwrecks and slabs filled with turtles, moray eels and bass. As for walking trails you can count on all the beaches, the main route leading to idyllic landscape formed by fine white sand and blue-green sea of ​​Lopes Mendes.

To get into the mood of the island, drive through the village of Abraham, where are inns, restaurants and bars simple with plenty of room to dance forro all night. Have to try the best dishes of seafood in the region, including the boat ride to the Saco inlet of heaven For there are the rustic and the sophisticated Green Coconut Kings and Magi serving stew and paella at the height of the views that unveil.


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