Ilha do Mel

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About Ilha do Mel

Ilha do Mel is a Brazilian island located at the mouth of the Bay of Paranaguá, in Paraná state.

The Honey Island is a tourist spot of great importance in the state of Paraná. Many people consider that the island has the best beaches in the state. The island, part of the municipality of Paranaguá, is administered by the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP) and has a strict management program.

Is not permitted or animal traction motor on the island. There are many areas where it is allowed the presence of visitors. The island has four prominent attractions: North of the fortress in central Brasilia and New Farol das Conchas and South Charmed.

Include in luggage an extra dose of adventure is essential for those who follow toward rustic Ilha do Mel. For starters, access to paradise by boat, from Paranaguá, Paraná and Pontal Morretes, the latter city, but only on weekends and holidays.

Once on dry land, get ready to find sandy streets dotted with simple masonry houses where no cars moving. The walks are governed by the tide or through the trails and at night, the lanterns are indispensable - no streetlights on the island.

The idyllic scenery covers an area of ​​27.5 square kilometers and is only 35 kilometers of beaches. Most are wild, framed by the Atlantic and with unique features - Fortaleza is practically deserted, while Charmed is the point of the hustle and beach Grande offers the best waves for surfing.

The class is spread between the two villages, Nova Brasilia and Charmed, which house campsites, restaurants and pousadinhas homemade seafood. Speaking of infrastructure, the island has limited access and receive up to five thousand people per day. It is a way to prevent degradation and maintain the detachment.

Time passes slowly in Ilha do Mel, which encourages long walks towards the postcards. Leaving Nova Brasilia, one of the most beautiful and famous trails leads to Fort Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, erected in the 18th century in the sand Citadel. The walk to the seaside lasts an hour and is worth the effort, reaching the building, climb to the top to enjoy the historic cannons and beautiful panoramic view.

Across the island, face the stairway leading to the lighthouse das Conchas, also with a visually confusing. Extend the walk to the beach Outside of Charmed. There, a cave feeds the imagination of the islanders with legends of mermaids.


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