Ilha de Boipeba

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About Ilha de Boipeba

Hidden behind the Tinhar, where the Morro de So Paulo, the Boipeba is the opposite of trendy neighbor. The similarities between the two villages malocadas in Palm Coast are due to the rustic charm of the dirt roads where automobile traffic is banned and beaches with clear waters, white sands and vast coconut plantations.

While Morro bet vein tourism, with hotels and restaurants and starry night agitated that attracts young people from all corners of the planet, Boipeba walks in the reverse direction. On the initiative of the natives and strangers who arrived there, was transformed into Environmental Protection Area, ensuring scenarios deserts all year.

Surrounded on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by the river of Hell, access to Boipeba is as complicated as what leads to Morro de So Paulo. No wonder that many people are in Morro and makes the ride just one day on the island - a big mistake considering such beauty.

The address difficult and hit-and-back tourist season, however, reverses in benefits such as nature conservation, the coconut trees, the fishing village and, in particular, the quiet.

Made to be enjoyed during the day, the island is surrounded by twenty miles of beaches with blue water. To know every nook, just walking or doing boat trips, such as those that lead to pools of Morer in full high seas, or the shipwrecks in Ponta de Castellanos.

Issues such as shopping and night out are not part of the programming Boipeba. Were replaced by the spectacular sunset on the river meeting the sea and by contemplation of the sky studded with stars.


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