Ilha Comprida

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With blue water, the island offers a delightful experience for you as well as pictures striking and unforgettable moments
Long Island is home to one of the most beautiful spectacles that nature can give us. In technical terms, it is not exactly a beach, it lacks edge, full of sand and qualified infrastructure, more can be said to be gigantic aquarium that allows tourists to know more the Brazilian fauna.

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Long Island is a magical and enchanting, with the right there are beautiful landscapes and striking photos. There you has little infrastructure was practically deserted, so you need to bring food, beverages and accessories.

The island does not look a bit like a beach, it has no border with the strip of sand, instead, the stone walls make up the beauty of the place.

With clear blue waters, the visibility of the various schools and provides a colorful spectacle delights the eye.

Amid the rocks, you can snorkel when the tide is low and know a little more of the aquatic fauna in Rio.

The boat rides are also guaranteed by the place, stopping in a sea diving.


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