Hole of macaws

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The Araras is a lovely place
The Araras reserve for you a delightful experience. Knowing more about the nature, you will find thousands of rare birds, among them, a lot of parrots, which enchant and give a show of acrobatics in the air.

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Amid the cerrado, a totally huge crater in sandstone with her beauty and exuberant charm and attracts many tourists.

The Araras is nothing more than a sinkhole of 124 meters and 160 meters in diameter which allows a panoramic view of the interior, where red macaws and other birds always return to the end of the day.

Dolina is the name given to a circular depression on the ground, and this one, devastated.

At the bottom of the doline is a great lake full of reptiles. Its fauna and flora are very particular.

The name Araras arose due to the large number of parrots that inhabit the site and make real spectacles.

Inside very particular fauna and flora, with its own ecosystem and a large lake inhabited by crocodiles crop species yellow.

The hole will Araras is 53 km from Bonito, more precisely in the city of Garden.


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