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The central region of San Sebastian is marked by a "Historical" and focuses almost all of the activity of trade and services of the municipality.

The Centre has good hotels, and bars and local restaurants, primarily located at Avenida Dr. Altino Arantes (Beach Street), and shaking the night of St. Sebastian. The boardwalk was built there is the kids is in the evenings and on weekends every night of the summer season.

A beautiful square in front of the promenade frames the historic city center, with its flamboiãs and cannons of the sixteenth century, which protected the village.

Across the square, stands the "Beach Street Landfill", which hosts major events that mark the summer in the city, and who is seated on rocks, between the ferry pier that provides access to Ilhabela and Petrobras pier.

The "little beach of Tebar" is the starting point for canoeists who take tourists to the most beautiful places along the coast, as the Bonete in Ilhabela.

Much of the center of San Sebastian was listed by National Heritage: are houses, churches and squares, where there are shops, restaurants, Municipal Department of Culture and the Tourist Information Centre.

Walking through the center of San Sebastian is to discover the treasures of colonial architecture around every corner. Among the most significant buildings are the Parish Church, the home of House and Jail, the Hope House, and the museum of religious art in the chapel of Saint Mary. Worth a visit to the Department of Culture and Heritage office.

It is in the center which is most of the area of ​​tanks from the Ferry Terminal Almirante Barroso (Tebar), Petrobras, the oil tanker mooring pier and the port of San Sebastian (commercial wharf).

In addition to City Hall and various Municipal, the Center also houses the headquarters of the Police of the Port Authority, the Municipal Emergency Ward, the Inspectorate of the Federal Revenue and Federal Police, banks, furniture stores and appliances.


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