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The center of Parati is all delicate, preserved by law, he shows us a bit about the history of Brazil
The historic center of Parati holds many interesting things and lots of history of our country The buildings and houses preserved and protected by law bring the colonial tradition and warmth simple Parati. He was chosen by UNESCO as a more harmonious architectural ensemble of Brazil.

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The Historic Center of Paraty back to the 1820s, when its streets have sidewalks had their "foot kid." The presence of water, with the invasion of the tides at full moon, the culture of coffee and sugar cane, the port and its pirates, all marking the history of Brazil.

The maçonarias determined the route of the historic center of Paraty, the streets were all drawn from the east to the west and from north to south. All the constructions of houses were regulated by law, may pay a fine or imprisonment, those who disobeyed the determinations. Freemasonry has left its strong mark on the facades of houses with geometric designs in relief.

The Historical Center, considered by UNESCO as "the most harmonious colonial architecture" is listed by National Heritage IPHAN. Its streets, protected by chains that prevent the passage of cars, still preserve the colonial charm, combined with a varied trade and cultural and artistic expressions very intense.

The cars can only move through the streets that border with the Center: Patitiba, Dominic G. de Abreu, Aurora Street and Fresca. Most streets in the Historic Center has two names, the result of municipal ordinances in conflict with the custom already installed.


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