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The beautiful city Historic buildings, preserved and maintained by municipal law
The historic city meets the path traveled by Pedro Alvares Cabral Brazil when he was discovered. That´s where the houses are preserved, historic buildings and monuments that Portuguese lived and visited in 1500. For there you know more about the history of Brazil and is enchanted as beautifully preserved.

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The Historical Center is the place where Pedro Alvares Cabral landed with his captaincy, thus making the city of Porto Seguro the first inhabited place in Brazil.

Installed on top of a cliff overlooking the waterfront, the area has imposing buildings, highlighted, Marco Discovery, brought from Portugal by Gonçalo Coelho in 1503.

The Church of Our Lady of Pena (patron saint of the city) with washer tower in Macau and Town Hall and Jail, which houses the Museum of Porto Seguro, fully restored are also featured in the Historic Center.

The reserves held several buildings, homes and old buildings, fully renovated and preserved by national law as equity Brazilian.

The natives of the place enjoying the visit of tourists to sell their crafts, as it is the only source of income at the site.

That´s where we have one of the most beautiful sights of Porto Seguro, in the midst of old buildings and the immensity of the sea that takes care of the Northeast coast.


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