Hiking in Chapada Imperial

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Hiking is one of the favorite sports of many people who know and love to capture the Brazilian jungle. During the trail rides you know several waterfalls, and may enter the water and cool. The Chapada Imperial reserves you a lot of fun and distraction for your trip.

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The Imperial Plateau is a private ecological reserve that has been preserved since 1986. It has diversified training. Meets the cerrado "stricto sense," cerrado rupestre, cerrado, mesophytic (interfluve and limestone), gallery forest, cerrado, field murundum, dirty field, grassland, grassland, marsh and forest trails.

It has an approximate area of ​​4800 ha and is located in the Environmental Protection Area. This property is now the largest private preserved in the DF.

Many animals do Imperial Plateau and its natural habitat, including many endangered species such as jaguars, maned wolf, giant anteater, giant armadillo, making it a wildlife sanctuary.

It has rock formations and canyons in steep terrain with about 95% preserved: they are lands that lie on rocks with more than a billion years and covered by vegetation typical of the Cerrado.

The cerrado is distinguished as the second biome in area, very rich botanical point of view.

The Imperial Plateau has a privileged location and is the highest point of the Federal District, 1342 meters. This crater is 50 km from the center of the federal capital.

There are three specific nature trails, marked by the degree of difficulty.

Along the creek Brothers, crystal clear water and potable, visitors know several Cerrado physiognomies and visit several waterfalls of varying sizes along the way, be it the tracks of short, medium or long.

The visits are done in groups, accompanied by trained local guides, who teach environmental education classes in addition to providing security for visitors. Out of place and time to combine.

Short Track:

Degree of difficulty: Take
For adults and children over three years.
Peaceful walk 1km in 1:30 a.m. a gap of approximately 30m.
Environmental education.
Stops for swimming in crystal wells visiting four wells, three waterfalls, two viewpoints.

Trail Average:

Degree of difficulty: Moderate Take
For adults and children over 7 years.
Walk 3 km at 3:30 a.m. in a gap of approximately 200m.
Environmental education showing vegetation types (extracts) cerrado: path, gallery forest, grassland, dirty field, grassland, savanna in the strict sense, and country rock.
Visits to 15 waterfalls with picnic and bathroom stops.Return of the waterfalls in the inland transport, "stick-to-parrot" to 3 km road to the headquarters.

Long Trail:

Degree of difficulty: Moderate
For adults and children over 7 years.
Walk 4 miles in 4:30 a.m. in a drop of 400 m.
Environmental education showing more than eight vegetation types (extracts) of the cerrado.
Visits to 30 waterfalls with picnic and bathroom stops.
Return of the waterfalls in the inland transport, "stick-to-parrot," to 3 km road to the headquarters.Desfazer edições


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