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The Eureka! Exploratorium is a science and technology park that has as objective, scientific and technical knowledge in a dynamic interactive.

Visitors participate in experiments and inventions of great scientists of history and, from this point, experience from the simple operation of energy and gravitational force to the magical world of optical illusions and Physical Sciences, Chemical and Biological.

In an area with about 1,500 square meters, in various themed environments such as cave, large laboratory, mechanical room, exhibition hall, planetarium, are arranged over 130 fully interactive experiments and monitored.

The adventure starts right of entry, when the visitor enters an elevator stylized and simulation experiences a decline of 40 floors below sea level. Upon exiting the elevator, down to a cave where you will find a carparia, turtles, earthworm, a collection of rocks and minerals, fossils and a micro-microscopy laboratory that uses video capabilities for the observation of lamps trimmed.

Soon after the attention is turned to a grotto where it is represented the first great invention of mankind, roda.Continuando in its path the visitor will find the loop, the engine inertia, the double-cone and the magnetic rings.

In the next room the evolution of Science and Technology of Electricity and Electromagnetism find their apex. The album Volta, Wimshurst machine, the Van de Graf generator, a giant with more than 1.70 m tall, the coil Testa, jumping rings in magnetic fields that among other models, enables a rich variety of interactions, without risk, through the production of electromagnetic phenomena.

Moving in the next environment, you can join a basketball court, spinning. The challenge here is to hit the basket that is at rest relative to the ground in the park, but in motion relative to the floor of their court, which rotates with angular velocity, practically constant.

The hall of mirrors, the shadow frozen plasma globe, testing nerves and air propellers, whose phenomenon to maintain a sphere floating or levitating disc are explained by the laws of Bernoulli make up the other side of the walk.

One arrives then to a new room where the air gun, mechanical phone, the headset (with satellite dishes) and other devices such as swivel chairs, the balance of arms and giant pulleys, complete this space.

One of the great attractions of this room, much appreciated by most students, is "loconauta." Originally designed by NASA, allows students to "travel" in three dimensions, experiencing a simulation of weightlessness.

Following to the first floor is a sophisticated model railroad and access to the hall of temporary exhibitions, such as Magic Eye Shows, Fuji Film in Brazil, where the phenomena of optics and the secrets of photography can be investigated and Offered interactions revealed in this space. Completing the tour, the student travels in space through which a planetary model of the solar system down allows the understanding of celestial phenomena such as eclipses, day and night, satellites, sun, planets, stars, comets, etc.


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