Gunga Beach

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The Gunga Beach is adorned by beautiful palm trees and giant
The beach of Gunga charms everyone for their huge palm trees decorating. Seen from above, is simply charming and reminds to a paradise ever found elsewhere in the world. In addition, Gunga Beach has a high drive on weekends, because it has a well-crafted.

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The Gunga Beach holds many beautiful things that only Maceio offers for tourists.

The long spit of white sand covered by a sequence of coconut Gunga Beach is one of the postcards of Alagoas.

Besides the perfect landscape, offers pools, recreational facilities, equipment rental, watersports, bars and restaurants.

The Gunga Beach is great for bathing, generous fishermen and overview for divers. It pays to know one of the prettiest beaches on the Brazilian coast.

The beach has a good organization, several tents, which open daily and serving drinks, soft drinks and various snacks, but be careful when using the beach chairs and umbrellas, it is customary to collect rent.

The small harbor for berthing of Barra de São Miguel departing vessels - boats, fishing boats, sloops, schooners - leading the beaches of the Gunga, which is certainly the largest expanse of sand on the coast of Alagoas, second only to spit the Peba where the São Francisco River meets the Atlantic.

The movement of tourists is intense during the weekends, lacking enough space for the number of people who come here. In periods of high season, it is almost impossible to see a schooner without being crowded with tourists.


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