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About Guarujá

Guaruja is a municipality in the micro region of Santos, in the Santos Metropolitan Region and is the third largest island off the coast of São Paulo state.

Currently, the city of Guaruja is known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic" due to its beautiful beaches and natural beauty. Very popular with tourists in high season, the city has urbanized and some wild beaches, accessible only by trails.

Beyond the coast, Guarujá offers historic buildings and trails for ecotourism. Another local attraction is the fishing that can be seen and practiced in different beaches of the city.

Over time Guarujá recovers the charm and glamor of the ´70s and ´80s, lost in the 90s. The city is undergoing a major redevelopment process that brings in benefits such as vacuum clean beaches, quality services and modern infrastructure.

More than a good destination for vacations and holidays, the resort again become a reference for those traveling with family, with attractions for tourists of all ages and beaches for many styles.

But not only the lives of Guaruja beach. The itinerary of activities also includes visits to the strong, boat tours and schooner, hikes and lots of fun in Acqua Mundo, the largest aquarium in South America also has the Guarujá Heureka Exploratorium, a theme park full of science experiments.

At night, the diversity is also evident. Options range from charming restaurants for a romantic dinner for two to shake the clubs, which are filled with clues until morning. It also has bars with live music, concerts, cinema and shopping.

What to do in Guarujá

Faced with such beauty, Guaruja reservation for you and your family, incredible and unforgettable moments. Despite being a city of Seaside, Guaruja also offers tours out of beaches that can make your trip even better.

Meet the Acqua Mundo is one of the tours that can not stay out of your travel itinerary. The place is simply fantastic and the largest aquarium in South America, is an ideal destination for those traveling with children.

Still speaking tour, let´s talk about Eureka! Exploratorium, a scientific theme park that allows visitors to meet different and interesting scientific esperiências.

Leaving aside the Coastal Guaruja, we can enjoy and learn about the Forte da Barra Grande, a landmark in Guaruja, which reserves a lot of history and culture for you.

The viewpoints of the city of Guaruja, as Hill Lookout Gavea Maluf and sightseeing tours are also very affordable and sought after by tourists because it allow you to see a landscape unique and exclusive of all Litoral Paulista.

Anyway, down the coast, it is possible to enjoy several beaches of Guaruja, among which the most famous, the Pitangueiras Beach, Bay and Pernambuco, enabling enjoy the summer and delight in the waters of the sea.

Finally, enjoy the sunset in Guaruja and go ride a schooner, better know every corner of the city on a boat comfortable and delicious.

It pays to plan well the script and include all major tour points Guaruja, to be able to have fun and enjoy every second of the trip.

When to Go to Guarujá

The Guaruja can be visited all year round. In the summer, several events move further beaches.

In January the summer happens Guarujá Show, an event that gathers thousands of artists to stir further beach, attracting tourists from all parts of Brazil and the world.

But the summer is still the busiest period, with traffic jams, queues and crowded beaches. Even so, the city still has places where you can relax.

In relation to climate, the São Paulo coast have similar climatic characteristics with the rest of the state of São Paulo, with hot dry weather most of the year and distributed among showers of rain this period.

How to arrive in Guarujá



Guarulhos Airport
Rod Helio Smidt, s / n
Tel: (11) 6445-2945

Congonhas Airport
Washigton Louis Av, s / n
Tel: (11) 5090-9000


Tel: 0300-789-2121

Tel: 0800-57-5700 and 4002-5700

Tel: 0300 115 2121


Municipal Road
Avenida Santos Dumont, 840 - Sto. Antonio
Tel: (13) 3386-2325

Urban Passenger Bus - Ferry
United Nations Plaza, s / n
Tel: (13) 3348-4414 / (13) 3348-4415

Urban Bus Passenger - Vicente de Carvalho
Senator Av Salgado Filho, s / n - Jd. Cunhambebe
Tel: (13) 3343-3300


Brazil Fast Traffic

Ultra Traffic


The Guaruja is 95 km from the state capital. Sao Paulo, just follow a system of highways Anchieta-Immigrant down the mountain and then take the exit for highway Piaçaguera - GUARUJÁ (Route D. Domenico Rangoni).

An alternative to avoid the expensive tolls charged in the previous section is down the mountain road by Mogi-Bertioga and take the highway Rio - Santos to Piaçaguera - Guaruja.

Circulating within the city

Cars are still the best transportation options in Guaruja, although some parts of the waterfront promenade have jams worthy of St. Paul on weekends.

For those without a vehicle, or want to avoid the hassle of traffic and lack of parking spaces, some services are very efficient.

Routes of Guaruja

This service offered by the city Department of Tourism is a kind of city tour of major sights. In the morning, the beautiful beaches of the tail of the dragon and in the afternoon, the head part, especially the beautiful Barra Grande Fortress d.
Departures on Saturdays and Sundays. Av Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, opposite the shopping La Plage, tel: (13) 3387-1270.

Train to Guaruja

This service is usually in the months of high season. The outputs occur every weekend from 14h Pitangueiras beach in front of Shopping La Plage. The path follows the circuit of beaches. Tel (13) 9118-1290 / (13) 7850-5173.


Tel: (13) 3358-2741 / crossings

Ferry Guaruja-Bertioga
Ferry for cars and passengers. 6am to midnight
Tel: (13) 3305-1153

Ferry-Santos Guaruja
Operating 24 hours
Tel: (13) 3261-5400

Make a Suitcase to Guarujá

The Guaruja is located on the coast of São Paulo, where we already know that has a tropical climate most of the ano.Por this, it is worthwhile to bet on more clothes stripped and light.

If you intend to meet the tourist highlights of Guaruja, a lightweight and comfortable shoes, because most of them only have access on foot.

The clothes are ideas for Guarujá races or strap blouses, jeans or shorts Tactel, which are comfortable, legging pants or gym, which also provide greater comfort and bathing suits and bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear.

More is clear that, whatever the weather is hot in Guaruja, due to the sea, the night always ends up getting cold, so bring a jacket or blouse half sleeve to contain the cold during the night rides. If you want to walk around at night in restaurants, bars and shows do not forget to bring more social and delicate parts.

As for accessories, we can not forget the caps, hats and sunglasses, and cause bracelets, necklaces and earrings to complete the look for evening walks.

The items are also very important for health, so do not forget to take a toilet bag with medicines and bandages and be sure to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and skin cream.

The digital camera is perhaps one of the most important items for the trip, after all, is always good to record every magic moment lived during the tours.

Before traveling, find out if the hosting you will get offers pieces of bedding and bath, if you do not specify whether or not to offer, take at least an exchange of one set of sheets and towels.

Plan your journey well and make it unforgettable.

History of Guarujá

The city of Guaruja, located on the island of Santo Amaro, was first visited on January 22, 1502 by André Gonçalves Portuguese explorers, Amerigo Vespucci and his army. More precisely, this visit took place in the western part of the island, now known as the Santa Cruz Beach Mariners.

  However, due to topography, hostile Indians and wetlands for the city was abandoned over 300 years. Having only the extraction of whale oil, fishing and a few sugar mills as an economic activity.

Over time people living in that economy were forming a small town, so, by an imperial decree of 1832, Guaruja has provided the Village.

In 1893, she was promoted to Guaruja Guaruja Balneária Vila. To this were commissioned in the United States a hotel, a church, a casino and 46 residential cottages dismantled. In addition to receiving water service, sewer and electricity.

On June 30, 1934 the city received the title of Balneal Ranch in 1947 and now considered the city due to its continued growth.

With an exuberant nature spread over 27 beaches with totally different beauties that attract tourists to the region, Guaruja has been recognized internationally in the 70s, with the title "Pearl of the Atlantic."

Currently the city is still a national reference in the quality of its beaches, the economic development of recent decades has brought significant investment to the port sector, nautical, hospitality, corporate, real estate and trade.

Today Guaruja is the ideal destination for enjoying the natural beauty and ensure a ride and a lot of fun and culture.

Security of Guarujá

Guaruja is one of the cities most well planned and organized when the item is security, especially because it is a well known tourist spot and searched.

The time the state government of Sao Paulo has been investing more and more security in Guaruja, with strong policing, security cameras and inspections required.

While security will progress to walking every day, it takes a collaboration of our part to make that happen as expected.

When out for walks with bag, carry your purse in front of you always, to prevent theft unnoticed amid the crowd of people. Always keep your valuables in the bag, is a safer place.

Avoid carrying cash out, find out if your banner establishments accept credit card or debit card and always try to use the card. The cards are safer in the event of unforeseen circumstances, they can be blocked, preventing the misuse of it in his absence. In case of lost or stolen cards immediately contact our customer service card.

When you go out with their own vehicles, avoid crossing traffic lights and after 23:00 hours. It also caters for those who will benefit from public transport, when normally after this time, all are empty and prone to burglary.

Always remember to contact urgently the police station nearest to you in extreme cases.

Useful Phone Numbers of Guarujá

Phone: 190

1st Cia - Military Police - Central
Rua Mário Ribeiro, 971 - Centro
Telephone - 3355-5026

Police Station in the city of Guaruja - 7 DP
Puglisi Avenue, 656 - Centro
Phone: 3386-6742

Fire Department 17 GB - Life-Guard
Vagner Lemella Sergeant Street, 145 - Vila Funchal
Phone: 3358-2700 / 3358-2701 / 3358-2702

Fire Station 8 - Fire and Rescue
Street Captain Alberto Mendes Junior, 225 - Jd. good Hope
Phone: 3355-1294 / 3355-4144

Dr. Carlos Neringh Street, 405
Phone: 3344-1440

Taxi Drivers Association of the island of Santo Amaro
Prof. Street. Lydia Maria Rego Lima, 171 - Jd. Conceiçãozinha
Phone: 3387-2487

radio Taxi
Phone: 0800.15.19.77

Emergency (EMS) - 192

Emergency Room Doctor Vicente de Carvalho - 24 hours
St. John Avenue, 111 - Father-Yam
Phone: 3341-1997

Hospital Santo Amaro - Private, Covenants and SUS
(with referral)
Bertoldi Fifth Street, 40th - Villa Maya
Phone: 3389-1515

Ana Costa Hospital - Private and Covenants
Avenida Santos Dumont, 3651 - Garden Conceiçãozinha
Phone: 3386-8787

Dial Citizen - 153

Guaruja City Hall (City Hall)
Avenida Santos Dumont, 800 - San Antonio
Phone: 3308-7000

Municipal Ombudsman
Avenida Santos Dumont, 800 - San Antonio
Phone: 0800-773-7000

1 Centre for Citizenship
Washington Street, 719 - Centro
Phone: 3358-2466

Municipal Tourism
Avenue Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, 723 - Centro
Phone: 3344-4600


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