Grumari Beach

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Extensive range of sand allows the practice of sports and comfort for those visiting the beach and the sand settles
The beach is one of Grumari environmental preservation areas of Rio de Janeiro. In it are many beautiful landscapes and natural resources. The waters of the beach Grumari is also another plus point, attracting surfers for its beautiful waves. In the region Grumari Beach is also home to the naturist beach of apricot.

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Grumari is a rustic beach and away from the city center is considered the most aphrodisiac of all. Away from pollution and turmoil, the region was declared a Cultural and Artistic Heritage.

The beach is Grumari an environmentally protected area, surrounded by rocky shores and many other natural resources, among beautiful flora and fauna that make up the ecosystem characteristic of the Atlantic.

Stunning landscape, the beauty of beach Grumari can be admired, is the access serrinha Guaratiba, which displays the splendor of the sea, or the avenue that borders the beach and passes along the beaches of Macumba, Prainha and Pontefract.

In the left corner of Grumari houses the naturist beach of apricot, with just over a mile long. The nudity, however, is practiced in a stretch of about 300 meters, more wild and protected by stones.

The etchings Grumari Beach attract surfers who venture through the immensity of the sea after tidal waves.

At night, Grumari has little hustle, preserving the tranquility of the place, offers seaside kiosks for those who want a quieter evening and comfortable. But for those looking for hype, it is worth to a jump in the nearby beaches and enjoy the best of Rio.


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