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About Gravatá

Gravesend is a town in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. It is located at latitude 8 º 12´04 "south and longitude 35 º 33´53" west, with an altitude of 447 meters, is located 80 km from the capital Recife.

Mistaken to think that the Northeast is not cold. In Gravesend, on top of the Sierra Russian, the average annual temperature is around 22 degrees, perfect for trekking towards the waterfalls and savor unimaginable for the region, as fondues and pasta washed down with good wine. The flagship of the local cuisine, however, is the buchada goat.

The resort is full of farms and hotels installed in the green, with many leisure activities for families. Notable rides that lead to waterfalls, pools and gazebos to unveil landscapes formed by British bridges, valleys and historic buildings.

During June and July, when the mercury even mark up to ten degrees, feast of St. John and cultural festivals move the region and attract Recife, who see saw with pleasure during the winter.

The natural beauty of Gravesend and animated events still divide attention with the charming crafts produced in the city. These are works in basketry, crochet and metal utilities, plus the luck dolls made ​​of cloth and hand, with about two inches.

Colonial furniture and rustic in angelim, jatoba and vines also draw attention and are found in the shops on the street Duarte Coelho and the BR-232.


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