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The portal of entry of Gramado, with an imperial architecture that dazzles

About Gramado

Located in Sierra Gaucho, Gramado is a charming city of Rio Grande do Sul With approximately 35,000 inhabitants, the city of Gramado attracts tourists all year round because it is simply wonderful. Its architecture and decorations that are worked include the city and give an air of medieval and colonial city, making it unique and special.

Characterized by predominantly Italian and German colonization, hosts the annual Festival of Brazilian Cinema and Latin American, distributing the famous prize Kikito. Lawn is located in the heart of the region of the hydrangeas, and is just 115 km from Porto Alegre.

Lawn was discovered by descendants of the Portuguese in 1875, but remained almost uninhabited until 1913 when they began to reach the descendants of German and Italian immigrants, who took over the region.

With temperatures below zero degrees from May to September and snowfall, the city wins European feature attracting thousands of tourists. In summer the temperature is mild, around 22 ° C, with some warmer days, but always pleasant nights, due to the air of the mountains and woods.

Gramado has several trademarks, including the old Bavarian-style porch and new porch was built in Norman style, greet those who come to town. The Quilombo Valley Lookout on the way to Canela, is one of the best-known landscapes of the Serra Gaucho. From there one can see the beautiful Vale do Quilombo with its 850 m.

The Black Lake is one of the postcards of the city, surrounded by hydrangeas, azaleas, poplars and cypresses, is an excellent place for walking, picnics or a paddleboat ride.
The area was a large forest reserve in the region, destroyed by fire in 1942. Reforestation began in 1953 where he built an artificial lake with pine seedlings coming from the Black Forest in Germany, so it earned the name Black Lake.

The St. Peter´s Church, built in 1942, is one of the greatest displays of religiosity of the community. The structure is mounted on basaltic rock art in stained glass with sacred images. The tower, 46 meters high, inspires a prayer to St. Peter, the patron.

The Church Clock has become a reference point of the city due to the clock in the tower. Inaugurated in 1962, honors the apostle Paul, and is at an elevation of Av of hydrangeas on a bouquet of flowers, a symbol of the region.

In any season, the traditional place and Colonial Café attracts thousands of tourists. An unforgettable gastronomic sophistication, with a mixture of opposites starts getting in the drinks, with red and white wine, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, juices, tea, accompanying jellies, breads, snacks, sausages, hams, cheeses, sauerkraut , pies, pastries, potato dumplings, grilled sausage, chicken and fried polenta.

More abundance does not stop there, because we can not forget the sweets table featuring chocolate cake, lemon juice or beer, cakes, apple suckers, different flavored pies, pudding, ambrosia, mousses, quindim, seasonal fruits. All this, at one meal. It´s time runs out.

As known, the Rio Grande do Sul has the best barbecue, stylish gaucho. The local cuisine is fantastic and some restaurants add show typical gaucho music and dancing, as the foul, and the bola knife dance. Characteristic of the region is a haven for drinking mate and mate, and in winter, experience the heat of visual impact, the fire ground.

What to do in Gramado

Lawn is rich in tourism and several charming points that should be known by the saw on his visit gaucho.

The first well-known tourist spot and a major postcards of the city is the gateway to the access through Nova Petropolis, a beautiful building that already shows the visitor what is most beautiful is reserved for you in Gramado.

Moving on, you will already meet the Ball Flags, surrounded by beautiful flowers that adorn the square. The Ball of Flags is located in Piazza Leopoldo Rosenfeldt and provides a symbolic homage to the Brazilian states by means of flags hoisted in place.

Its featured a replica of Kikito, the coveted trophy that represents the God of good humor, which is delivered to the highlights of the Gramado Film Festival. Besides Kikito and flags, a large construction site so the word Lawn and is grounds for many photos.

One point that many people seek to know is the Karting Lawn, a very beautiful place and ideal for those who love fun, adventure and speed. The Karting Lawn is the only of the whole region. It is located 3 km from the center of Gramado access through RS-235, towards Nova Petrópolis. It has 611 meters of outdoor track and has maximum safety, with trained monitors and overalls and gloves included in the rent. You can rent karts and track and enjoy this adventure a whole afternoon with the family.

In Christmas season, the Santa Claus Village stands out. Located in Park Knorr in the center of Gramado, near City Hall, is a major tourist destination of Gramado, full of charm and energy.

The Santa´s house, built in 1940, is the first house in the Bavarian region in style, known as Mansion Knorr. You can meet the real Santa´s reindeer. The forest next to Santa´s house is home to reindeer imported from northern Europe who weigh between 150 kg and 300 kg.
The Toy Factory, with 700m ² of charm and magic, is where Santa Claus and his helpers manufacture toys throughout the year. The Snow Square, with artificial snow, make up the attractions of the park with a lovely backdrop for photos.

The mini world is also another great option for you would like to know the whole world in the palm of the hand. See the entire city of Gramado designed in miniature, with perfect replicas of castles, railway with electric train and mills of the city gaucho.

The gardener rides also attract tourists who like to keep in touch with nature and who seeks to know the whole city without polluting the environment. The route makes stops in major urban landmarks as the viewpoint of the Quilombo Valley and Black Lake. The tour, conducted daily, lasts an hour and a half.

More than 1,200 animals of 250 species in Lawn Zoo, all of the Brazilian fauna, such as alligator-of-chat yellow, giant anteater and maned wolf. The reception is made by macaws, toucans and parrots, scattered throughout the nursery. In the precincts of the panthers and jaguars, just a bulletproof glass separates visitors from the animals. It is worth knowing.

When to Go to Gramado

Being in southern Brazil, lawn is one of the coldest cities in Brazil and its temperature remains below or equal to zero much of the year.

The fogs and frosts are inviting for a wine by the fireplace and romantic dinners-based fondues, typical scenes of American film is not it?

In August, besides the cold, the attraction is the Film Festival, bringing together award-winning actors and directors of national and Latin American countries and Europe.

In other seasons, however, cultural events move streets and avenues with schedules for tourists of all ages. Between March and April, the Feast of the colony shows a little of the customs and cuisines of Germany and Italy.

Have the colors and spirit of Christmas and New Year take over the city, making a Christmas light events open busiest in the country. Streets and avenues make beautiful Christmas decorations, complete with parades night with music, dancing and fireworks.

Because it is a beautiful city and bustling economic base of tourism, Gramado is one of the cheapest and it is rare to have price fluctuation during the year. Most surely it is worth spending a little more of the budget and know this great place and lovely South of Brazil.

How to arrive in Gramado


The nearest airport is the lawn of the capital Porto Alegre, arriving in Porto Alegre, it is necessary to take a bus to the city of Gramado, which lies 135 kilometers from the capital will.

Salgado Filho Airport Internacinal

Address: Avenida Severo Dulius, 90010 - Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul
Phone: (51) 3358-2000


From Porto Alegre to Gramado has buses daily. You can choose to Executive-Direct mode (via Gravesend) or Semi-Direct, with one stop on the road Taquara. Whatever the choice, the journey takes two hours. Already in Caxias do Sul to Gramado travel time is 1h45min, also with a choice of schedules.

Lawn Road:
Address: Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 2100.
Phone: (54) 3286-1302
Time: 5h 30min to 21h

Road from Porto Alegre:
Address: Largo Vespasian J. Veppo, No. 70
Phone: (51) 3286-8230, (51) 3228-0699
Time: 24h


Coming from Porto Alegre, the access options are:
Via Gravesend / Taquara - BR-101 to Gravesend, RS-020 to RS-115 and Taquara reaching Lawn.
Via New Hamburg - BR-290 BR-116 to New Hamburg, RS-239 to RS-115 and Taquara reaching Lawn.
Via Nova Petrópolis - BR-116 until Nova Petrópolis and RS-235 coming to Gramado.

Sao Paulo -> Lawn: 1100 km
Rio de Janeiro -> Lawn: 1435 km
Belo Horizonte -> Lawn: 1600 km
Brasilia -> Lawn: 1970 km
Salvador -> Lawn: 2900 km
Curitiba -> Lawn: 700 km
Itaimbezinho -> Lawn: 120 km
Bento Gonçalves -> Lawn: 120 km

Make a Suitcase to Gramado

As everyone knows, is on the South Lawn of Brazil, and South the climate is colder, then abuse of winter clothing very, very lightweight pants and jackets as well as special attention to accessories such as caps, gloves and socks.

As for shoes, boots and shoes from Take turns and always remember to bring a pair of shoes for more social events most important or most chic rides.

Parts that can be used both in social and informal occasions should also be taken. So you will not get tired so fast that if you wear them often.

Choose clothing material difficult to knead. Otherwise, you will have to pay fees of laundry in hotels or take an iron hand.

To decrease the volume of clothes in the suitcase to give preference to pieces that combine together in the issue size, which fit better and take up less space.

Importantly, it is always good to leave an empty space in the suitcase. Lawn is the land of wine, chocolates and cheeses, as well as having many crafts, so when organizing your mail to leave a space look nice to be able to store all the things you buy during the trip and remember that every passenger has quota luggage when traveling by plane and bus.

As Lawn is a city landmark and fantastic do not forget to bring your digital camera or camcorder, so you can record all the amazing moments saw gaucho reservation for you.

History of Gramado

Originally pioneered by descendants of Azorean, called troops, who used the region to the rest of the cattle, so it came Gramado, in the hills Gaucha of Rio Grande do Sul

Lawn was separated from Taquara and Sao Sebastiao do Cai. The first inhabitants of the region, were not strangers and have settled there in 1875. Some time later, in 1913, settlers descendants of Germans and Italians settled there, starting the settlement.

The movement of emancipation of Nova Petrópolis was precipitated by the fact that Gramado wanted to be emancipated from Taquara and necessary to ensure the population, proposed attaching Line Araripe, Brazil and Line Imperial Line.

The population of these lines until the lines had already signed adhesion to Gramado, when it started the movement for emancipation Nova Petrópolis, encouraged by Sao Sebastiao do Cai. From the discussion, it was with the portion already mentioned Lawn. There are records of four place-names, at least, before the name Lawn.

The city of Gramado was created by Law 2522 on 15 December 1954, after being emancipated from the city of Taquara.

Security of Gramado

Lawn is a city that preserves the safety and welfare of tourists. Being a city with strong tourism, residents are always looking to provide more safety and comfort for those visiting the mountains gaucho.

Those who visit the city of Gramado has two Civil Police station and a detachment of 31 men of the Military Brigade. More even with police protection, it is always good to do our part, so we leave here you have tips for a smooth ride and healthy.

When out for walks or sightseeing, avoid carrying bags and cell phones in hand and a preference for using the card, which allows the possibility to leave without bags and draws less attention from thieves.

Do not leave a lot of attention, with earrings and extravagant and expensive watches, digital cameras and electronics show, it attracts curious glances and facilitates the action of the bandits.

When using public transport at night, avoid sitting in the first and last places, preferably before the 22hr, when the motion slows down and makes it easier for criminals hijack anyone off guard.

Collaborate with security personnel and have an unforgettable trip!

Useful Phone Numbers of Gramado

Military Brigade: 190
Civil Police: 194
Fire Department: 193
Gravel Road (Ransom and winch): 51 0800 4422
Lawn Hospital: (54) 3286 1155
Tourist Information Center: (54) 3286-1475
Points Taxi: (54) 3286-1229 (center) and 3286 1230 (bus station)


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