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About Gonçalves

Goncalves is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, in the micro Landing Alegre. Goncalves is currently one of the poles in strong tourist development in the Serra da Mantiqueira, part of the tourist circuit Saws Verdes South Mine.

Neighbor major winter destinations in the Southeast, between the Jordan Fields and Monte Verde, a small Gonçalves begins to draw the attention of fans of ecotourism and also couples seeking a cozy and rustic corner in the right measure.

Hidden high in the Serra da Mantiqueira, the city displays a beautiful landscape, formed by araucaria forests, waterfalls and cliffs that reach two thousand meters of altitude. Added to the natural charms are pousadinhas and charming restaurants, in addition to numerous activities practiced there, such as rappelling, trekking, tubing, cascading, hiking and horseback riding.

Centrinho The village has many attractions, but it is leaving the dirt roads into the mountains, where there are hostels, transados ​​cafes, fine restaurants, craft shops, trails, waterfalls and lookouts with stones. By then, the best options are to face the trekking Notched stones, Furnace and Bonita, with panoramic views.

On hot days, down the valley of the river rapids Capivari practicing tubing or dip in the natural pools of the waterfalls of the Swallows, Cruise, Simon or the Retiro, this, with a sequence of seven falls.

To restore the energy, good restaurants serving typical regional delicacies. Try the trout dishes based on the Bistrot Le Gourmet, the Demeter in Roça, of Pine Knot and titi. The class also capricha site in recipes prepared in the wood stove, served in the restaurants of Vilma and Joe Ovid. Fondues and pasta are the specialties of the Port of Heaven, meeting on weekends, with live music and plenty of hype.

On the way home, pass the store Ms. Spice, in the town center. Specializing in jellies, offers a more dainty with different flavors, among them, the more exotic, like pepper with chocolate and rum.


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