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Geribá is a tall, elegant palm tree common in the coastal area, so the origin of the name. The Geribá beach, with two miles of white sand and thin, is one of the beautiful options for summer in Rio resort of Buzios, 180 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Geribá far is five minutes drive from the center of Buzios and divides the attention of tourists with the other 22 beaches of the peninsula that combines the simplicity of an old fishing village with the sophistication of the architecture of houses, inns and restaurants.

Open beach, its length is 2 km and across its edge stand out beautiful vacation residences, hotels and bars. Surrounded by rocks and beautiful houses jammed between rocks, the sea is rough, suitable for surfing, body-boarding, foot volleyball, volleyball, kite-surfing and windsurfing.

How is the favorite meeting place of the young guys, the buzz also invades the sand making it one of the most popular beaches of Buzios. It is place of famous people and beautiful. During high season, the kiosks located by the sea are crowded, and the atmosphere is festive.

In these bars, the suggestion is to prove the fish nibbles and a caipirinha. Most bars and restaurants have a shower available to customers. Staying in Geribá is a great idea, with all the infrastructure of supermarkets, pharmacies and services in general, the neighborhood perfectly meets the expectations of any tourist.

Starting from the center of Buzios, the following tip is for 4 km along Avenida Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas toward the porch and turn left into Avenue Gravatás that goes against the beach. At this point the Gravatás Avenue curves to the left and becomes Av Geribá that vai bordering the entire beach from the right corner to the left.


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