Genipabu Beach

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In the background, the 21 Bar, traditional and recorded one of the postcards Genipabu
Genipabu is known by multitude of dunes that are there and that move according to the strength and direction of winds. Considered Tourist Park Ecological Reserve genipabu postcards wonderful Northern Brazil, one of which is Bar 21, a space built at the foot of the dunes and adorned with palm trees around you.

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With a large complex of dunes, Genipabu is considered an Ecological Tourist Park and is considered one of the most famous postcard Christmas. Located in the city of Extremoz is 20 km from downtown Natal, Genipabu also reserves a small pond of fresh water that attracts many tourists.

The region has a good infrastructure of hotels, inns, restaurants, beach tents, rides búgui, rafts and dromedaries.

The action of wind, very intense on the coast of Rio Grande do Norte, the sand dunes move from one point to another, which makes the landscape is always something new, but offers some risk to transit those not familiar with the region, that their tours are conducted with buggy drivers and always accompanied by instructors.

A very popular attraction in the dunes is the Genipabu esquibunda. Interested down the dunes sitting on top of wooden planks, to dive into the waters of the lagoon. Another well known attraction in the region is aerobunda. By means of a steel cable, you will go down a huge dune and lands "butt" in the water. Hence the name of the attraction.

You can also enjoy the beauties of Genipabu the top of the dunes while strolling búgui and also make the hump of the camel rides.

Genipabu is internationally famous for its natural beauty and exuberance. The waters are warm Genipabu beach, calm and clean providing excellent swimming.


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