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About Garopaba

One of the busiest cities of Santa Catarina coast when summer arrives in earnest, Garopaba offers a bit of everything, bringing together the diverse styles of tourists. There, families are essential infrastructure and services that ensure comfort and convenience while the surfers rave about the great waves of wild beach Silveira.

Already the group has a presence on the beach Young Rust, who is beautiful and popular and gathers dunes, crystal clear sea, bars and kiosks that crowd day and night. Not even the poor access by dirt roads discourages guys.

A former fishing village, discovered by hippies and surfers in the 70s, left much of the bucolic back, but still preserves some packed dirt streets, quaint white chapel on the edge of central beach, always taken by colorful boats, and the environment rustic beach Ombudsman.

Also intact are the giant dunes Siri, a treat for fans of sandboarding, and tracks leading to lookouts framed by natural scenery untouched. One of the ways, with six hours long, leads to charming Praia do Rosa, chosen the right whales to breed and nurse their young between June and November.

The style of the surfing world predominates in trading Garopaba. Stage national and international championships, the city has several joints in juices, herbs, boards and accessories, plus a vast store of designer Mormaii reference when it comes to the sport of planks.

Who is not part of the tribe, charms with handmade carpets produced in the region, or even with the props imported from Indonesia.


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