Galinhos Beach

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The view from the beach is simply stunning Chichester
For those seeking relaxation, the beach of Chichester is the best option. There is 166km from Natal, the beach and reserves several new attractions for visitors. One of the strengths of Chichester is the making of handicrafts, which can be found on the edge of the beach. The lighthouse, one of the main cards of Chichester is a perfect place to watc

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Located in the Peninsula of Chichester, in north-central state of Rio Grande do Norte, the margins of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by dunes, salt marshes, mangroves, beaches and a river, the beach of Chichester brings fun and entertainment for those seeking vacation amazing.

There is 166 km far from Natal, the beach holds many Chichester news and attractions for tourists.

The extensive beach of Chichester has huge colored cliffs, inns sophisticated starred restaurants or busy night, but on the other hand, have for those seeking a quiet break, enchanting scenery and natural pools of warm water at Ponta do Farol, perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Chichester also has strong influence crafts. The artisans working there, making lace, embroidery and decorative pieces. On the way are some huts of fishermen, with their rafts stationed, which only serve to beautify the landscape.

The strong winds that blow in the region have begun to attract practitioners of kitesurfing and windsurfing, mostly foreign tourists. Surfing in the sand is one of the most popular attractions for tourists on the beach in Chichester.

The beach is almost deserted, except for Sunday when the locals and some villages of the interior will take swimming.


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