Fortaleza São José da Ponta Grossa

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The Fortaleza San José da Ponta Grossa and one of the most amazing places in Brazil, which holds many things about the history of the Country
The Fortaleza San José da Ponta Grossa is one of the most fantastic places in Brazil, complete with imperial architecture and everything. There you will find key pieces that tell the history of Brazil, such as guns used in war. Well worth a visit and learn more about the history of the country

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The fortress of Sao José da Ponta Grossa is distant 25 miles from the center of Florianopolis, in Santa Catarina Island.

Strategically located on a hill, framed by the beauty of the cliffs and white sandy beach of Forte, was the third vertex of the triangular system of defense.

Most of its buildings completed its restoration in the second half of the 90s. Between them, the most significant is the Commander´s House, curiously detached building to the locker Gunpowder, forming the only set in place with two floors.

The strength and sobriety of generating composition of the main courtyard, designed by the colonial mansion and the austere chapel, and reflect the importance and interrelation of the powers of state and church in the eighteenth century.

In addition to own the Federal University of Santa Catarina, which organizes tours to students and scholars, private companies operate tours to fortresses which are located on islands (Grande Anhatomirim and Mice).

The tours are done in schooners and the flagship company of the branch is the South Scuna Even outside the summer season there are daily tours at different times and on-board service. Besides these services, dinghies are found in various beaches and to Lagoa da Conceicao walks nearby.


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