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The bridge connecting the main points of Florianópolis

About Florianópolis

Florianópolis is nothing more than the state capital of Santa Catarina and one of three islands-capital of Brazil. Stands out as the Brazilian capital with the best human development index (HDI), this index also makes it the fourth Brazilian city with the best quality of life, second only to São Caetano do Sul, Aguas de Sao Pedro and Niterói.

Located in the center of the eastern state of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis is the Atlantic Ocean and much of it is situated on the island of Santa Catarina, with about 100 beaches, considered as the mainland.

The title assigned to the Magic Island Florianópolis is increasingly meaningless. Able to bring together nature and historical heritage preserved with big city infrastructure, the capital enchants tourists so that they end up coming back.

It is only 436.5 km square, however, capable of sheltering beaches, lagoons, dunes, trails across the Atlantic, colonial architecture, archaeological sites, beautiful people and cuisine of the first.

Florianópolis for all tastes and dreams. Of the busiest beaches perfect for surfing, the most calm, the child´s play corner. Beach to arrive by car, boat, on the trail. Beaches with complete infrastructure, like mini-cities, and the semi-desert.

But anyone who thinks Floripa lives alone in the sea are wrong. The center has places that are required passages, as the City Public Market. In the villages of Ribeirão da Ilha and Santo Antonio de Lisboa inheritance are still preserved in architecture, and pottery and food and income, based on oysters produced in the region.

Speaking of seafood, a variety of restaurants is another thing that draws much attention in Florianopolis, allowing you to lavish with typical food from there. It is the Lagoa da Conceição where are gathered the best bars and restaurants in the area.

In the vicinity of the pond, are characteristic of the lace, the Azorean tradition. Among the historical monuments of the city, stand out from the house of Vitor Meireles, the strong and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

What to do in Florianópolis

Although Florianópolis not be too large, the concentration of cultural attractions and beaches are huge, so tours will not miss during your trip.

To begin, let´s talk a little culture, talking about the Victor Meirelles Museum. In an old mansion with colonial features Luso-Brazilian lived Victor Meirelles de Lima, one of the greatest painters, designers and teachers in Brazil. Author of such famous works as the First Mass in Brazil, there is reserved Cóias lot about the culture of our country that are well worth it to be known.

Still on the subject culture, it´s worth knowing the Cruz e Souza Palace, one of the most charming places in Floripa. The former government building today is the highlight of visits to cultural heritage from the center of Florianopolis. Illustrious characters like Dom Pedro I and Dom Pedro II visited the palace during its passage and discovery of Brazil.

The Centennial Figueira is another extremely important factor in the history tour of Florianopolis. According to history, Figueira was born in a small circular garden is opposite the Church of Florianópolis, being transplanted into 1891para Square November fifteenth, where he is today.

Another tip for cultural tourism is the Florianopolis Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa, a fantastic place. The building connected by ramps and plateaus surrounded by thick walls was completed in 1740. The main attractions are the commander´s house and workshop of bobbin lace, with lace in the region, exposure and sales. The building is located in Praia do Forte, 25 kilometers from the center of Florianopolis.

More if you want to relax and enjoy the beaches of Florianopolis, care because it has more than 100 beaches, and you do not lose your head, here are some of the major chosen.

To begin, let us introduce you to Joaquina beach, one of the most charming of Santa Catarina. Beach sands and thin, large waves and strong and very fountain. It is surrounded by large dunes and beautiful, with good roads and a significant local population.

Another beach that also a lot of attention is the Galheta Beach, a deserted place and ideal for those seeking tranquility. In Galheta there is no infrastructure, only natural freshwater showers, rocks and mountains covered by Atlantic Forest vegetation. It is frequented by surfers and nudists, nudism is not mandatory.

Speaking of deserted beach, the beach of East Pond is also a great option. It is a beach that alternates enters freshwater and saltwater. It is very long and wide with white sand and firm ground, with some areas of soft sand on the shores of the inside of the little lake.

More in Jurerê is the thing heats up. One of the most famous beaches of the Brazilian coast, the beach is perfect for Jurerê take the children and water sports, has Jurerê sea of ​​green and calm waters, and three kilometers of fine sand and clear.

Finally, Florianópolis is surrounded by several points where you can meet friends, relax, entertain and have fun without worrying about anything worth knowing every corner of Floripa.

When to Go to Florianópolis

You can visit Florianópolis at any time of year. In summer, when temperatures reach 40 º C, Florianópolis becomes the ideal environment for water sports, hiking, sandboarding, mountan-bike among others.

In the fall, ranging from March to May, warmer temperatures and less movement of tourists turn the island the perfect place for those seeking peace and a more intimate environment.
Winter brings cooler temperatures with an even more romantic and enhances the aromas and flavors of local cuisine.

In the spring the temperature rise is an invitation to return to the beaches and the activities linked to nature.

The climate in Florianópolis is mesothermal humid climate with significant rainfall, well distributed throughout the year. There is a dry season.

The highest rainfall occurs from January to March and the lowest values ​​are present from June to August. The average temperature is between 20 and 24 degrees centigrade.

The average maximum temperature of the warmest month ranges from 28 to 31 degrees and the mean minimum coldest month varies from 7.5 to 12 degrees. The relative humidity is 82% as annual average and annual rainfall is around 1,200 mm.

In October, the attention turns to the National Oyster Festival and the Azorean Culture - Fenaostra. Held at the Convention Center of Florianopolis, the event combines food with culture - beyond the clam tasting festivals, presentation of the program brings folk groups and local Azorean.

How to arrive in Florianópolis


Florianópolis International Airport - Light Hercílio
Av Diomício Freitas, 3393, in Florianópolis
Tel: (48) 3331-4000


Tel: 0300-115-2121

Tel: 0300-143-4343

Ocean Air
Tel: 0300-789-8160

Tel: 0800-57-5700


Bus Terminal-Florianopolis Maria Rita
Av Paulo Fontes, 1101, Center.
Tel: (48) 3212-3100


North - Coming from the north of Santa Catarina, the path is made by the BR 101 highway that cuts through the coastal State. From the border with Paraná up access to the highway Florianópolis is doubled. The entrance to 206 km in Florianópolis is also the city of St. Joseph should be taken by the access right, according to the signs, taking the Expressway (BR 282). The Expressway ends at the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, entrance to the Island of Santa Catarina. Before crossing the bridge there is the Tourist Portal, which provides care and counseling tourists arriving in the city. Buses and vans tourism must necessarily stop at the Tourist Portal to get the seal of circulation in the city.

South - who comes from south of the state takes the BR 101, between the border of Rio Grande do Sul and the city of Palhoça is in the process of duplication, then the driver´s attention must be paid because it is dangerous section, meaning double in the work, with many holes and trucks traveling on the track. Access to the entry of Florianópolis is the 206 kilometers of highway in the municipality of San Jose should be taken by the access right, according to the signs, taking the Expressway (BR 282). The Expressway ends at the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, entrance to the Island of Santa Catarina. Before crossing the bridge there is the Tourist Portal, which provides care and counseling tourists arriving in the city. Buses and vans tourism must necessarily stop at the Tourist Portal to get the seal of circulation in the city.

West - who comes from west of Santa Catarina should take the BR 282 highway that starts in the town of San Miguel d´Oeste, in the far west, and ends on the coast, the BR 101, through the beautiful Sierra of Santa Catarina. Warning: The stretch between New Fields and Lages is not paved. The best way, in the west to the coast, is in Campos Novos take the BR 470 and follow it up by the BR 116. In BR 116 becomes the south to Lages, returning there at BR 282. At this point the road back to be paved. At the end of the BR 282, take the BR 101 in the north of the state - this stretch of highway is duplicated. Access to Florianópolis is the 206 kilometers of highway, watch for signs of indication. You will take the expressway (Continued from BR 282), which ends in Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, entrance to the Island of Santa Catarina. Before crossing the bridge there is the Tourist Portal, which provides care and counseling tourists arriving in the city. Buses and vans tourism must necessarily stop at the Tourist Portal to get the seal of circulation in the city.

Make a Suitcase to Florianópolis

When we plan a trip we have to put everything on paper before packing their bags to check and make sure we are taking everything. More, and sometimes stop to think, what to bring? Yeah, so we created a list of items needed for your trip to Florianópolis.

For starters, if you want to enjoy the rides and beaches, mild and light fresh clothes, bikinis and bathing suits, shorts and tank top. Although the day is hot, it cools at night, like any good city of Saul, so do not forget to bring warm clothing.

Do not forget the beauty products like makeup, creams and skin care, always remembering to bring a repellent and a sunscreen to prevent skin lesions due to the sun.

For your feet, think always in comfort. If you want to take hiking trails and a pair of sneakers. Have more social occasions to take comfortable shoes and sandals. For day-to-day use light slippers and sandals.

Another very important tip is about the drug kit. It´s always good to be safe than sorry is not it? So take your suitcase in a kit with painkillers and medicines for dressings, bandages and gauze, which, besides helping in emergencies also save time to spend with pharmacy.

Time to think of leading electronics and appliances remember to carry a plug adapter and a transformer of energy, as in many places the power voltage is different, the risk of burning hair dryer, flat iron, cellphone charger, among other.

History of Florianópolis

The inhabitants of the region of Florianópolis at the time of arrival of European explorers were the Indians carijós of Tupi-Guarani. Practiced agriculture, but had on fishing and collecting shellfish basic activities for their livelihood.

However, other populations oldest inhabited the island in ancient times. There are vestiges of the so-called Man Shellmound in archeological sites whose earliest records date back to 4800 BC The island of Santa Catarina has many inscriptions and some lithic workshops, especially in many of its beaches.

The island of Santa Catarina was known as the Meiembipe carijós. The strait which separates the continent was called Y-Jurerê-Mirim, a term that means "little mouth water" and also extended to the island itself.

In the early sixteenth century, ships that required the River Plate Basin docked on the island of Santa Catarina to stock up on food and water. However, only about 1675 is that the pioneer Francisco Dias Velho, along with his family and dependents, began the settlement of the island with the founding of Our Lady of Exile (now Florianópolis) core of the second oldest settlement in the state, even part of the town of Laguna played an important political role in the colonization of the region.

At that time there were wrecks of ships which were then studied and resulted in two projects of underwater archeology in Florianopolis, in a north and south of the island. Several artifacts and parts of the vessels were recovered by the researchers responsible for these initiatives, funded mainly by private initiative.

From the Old Days coming intensified the flow of Sao Paulo and Vicentists, who occupied several other parts of the coast. In 1726, Our Lady of Exile was elevated to town, from its dismemberment of Laguna.

The island of Santa Catarina, for its strategic position as the vanguard of the Portuguese dominions in southern Brazil, became a military occupation from 1737, when they began to be erected the forts necessary for the defense of their territory. This resulted in an important step in the occupation of the island.

From mid-eighteenth century, the island of Santa Catarina was receiving a significant amount of Azorean immigrants, who arrived in Brazil encouraged by the Portuguese crown to relieve the surplus population and occupy the southern part of their colony in South America

With migration, agriculture flourished and manufacturing of cotton and linen, remains, even today, remnants of the past, when it comes to handmade of cassava flour and bobbin lace.

At that time, in mid-eighteenth century, there was the deployment of "frames" for whaling in Armacao da Piedade and Frame Pantano do Sul (Florianópolis), whose oil was sold by the Crown out of Santa Catarina, not bringing economic benefit to the region.

Security of Florianópolis

Although Florianópolis is a city with an exemplary infrastructure and development over many parts of the country, its security is not the best.

Analyzing the indexes in relation to safety and security of the city of Florianópolis can see that crime rates are high compared to other cities, rather than with the support of government and population, these numbers would be decreasing.

Although these indices, Santa Catarina is still considered the state with the lowest crime rate in Brazil.

Most do not give up your trip because of that, because every day that passes the monitoring and assistance to tourists increases in Florianopolis. The best thing to do is contribute to security and have a perfect trip for this ride a few tips for you to follow while visiting this wonderful place.

When planning your trip, find out the main places you want to experience support the use of credit cards and debit cards because today is a safer way to use your money.

When going out to ride, always think about leaving your belongings protected and saved for it, count on the help of a backpack, and remember to always carry your backpack in front of you, to give greater security and prevent someone steal something her back, without you realizing.

Now a very important tip, both for those who have a car and for those who do not have: take great care to leave at night, not only in Florianopolis, try to be more careful this anywhere you do not know.

If driving, avoid walking the streets after 23h and be careful when stopping at traffic lights and intersections. More if you use public transport after 22h transport are empty and the chance of being robbed increases, so take great care and always seek information.

And most importantly, in any situation or some kind of suspicion, triggering the police as soon as possible or seek assistance as close to you.

Useful Phone Numbers of Florianópolis

Aid to Phonebook - 102
Military Police - 190
Emergency - 192
Fire Brigade - 193
Duty Water and Sewer - 195
Turn Light Duty - 196
SOS Children - 1407
Dial PROCON - 1512
Urban Transport - 1517
Traffic Police Federation - 191
State Traffic Police - 1551
Tele-complaints - 1683
Health Surveillance - 1686

Municipality of Florianópolis
tel: (48) 3251 5900

Department of Tourism
tel: (48) 3952 7004

ABAV - Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies
tel: (48) 3224 6058

Hercilio Luz International Airport
tel: (48) 3331 4000

Rita Maria Bus
tel: (48) 3212 3100

Port Authority
tel: (48) 3222 5634

24 hour locksmith
tel: (48) 3224-7858 / 9952-2315

tel: (48) 3381 2100

Grouping of Search and Rescue Fire Department
tel: (48) 3224 7335

Auto Winch (24)
tel: (48) 3333 2988/9971 5193

Union of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars
tel: (48) 3224 8233/3224 2402

Central Guides
tel: (48) 3322-0061

Union of Taxi Drivers
tel: (48) 3223-2635


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