Flamengo e enseada de Botafogo

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Beach cove of Botafogo and Flamengo, a charm
The strength of the Flamengo beach and cove of Botafogo is the amount of races, ships and boats that are at the seaside in Rio. The helicopter rides is also another very popular attraction for tourists who dream of knowing all the Guanabara Bay, including Sugarloaf, the hill of Urca and the Christ the Redeemer high.

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The Flamingo Beach is a beach that extends for much of the Park Eduardo Gomes, in the south of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where he is also the beach of Botafogo, in Botafogo Bay, in the neighborhood that bears the same name .

The beaches are calm waters, since it was situated in the Guanabara Bay. For the same reason, however, usually presents favorable conditions for swimming, due to the polluted waters of the bay.

More still, both beaches offer busy tourist attractions and fun. His extensive sidewalk sand allows the practice of sports and exercise. Beside, a beautiful Orla made ​​amid stones that charm who is there.

For those who like more adrenaline special events will also be racing regattas, in which event gave its name to Club de Regatas do Flamengo soccer club in the region that today is known worldwide.

Another very popular attraction for tourists and locals natives are helicopter rides, flying over the Bay Carioca, with view from the top to the Sugar Loaf, Urca Hill and Christ the Redeemer.

At night is also busy on both beaches. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, visitors are entertained with live shows in the Rim of the beach. For those who prefer the diversity of house concerts and nightclubs also covers the beach area ..


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