Figueira Centennial

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With over 100 years, the fig tree enchants by its size and beauty
The Figueira Centennial is one of the highlights in Florianopolis, being part of the history of the place and Brazil. Resident in the square fifteenth of November, Figueira covers the entire place and serves as a meeting point for those who want a good shade to rest.

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Among the trees planted in the Praça XV, the most famous, sung in prose and verse, is the traditional, century-old fig tree, which appears to have been born in 1871 in the garden in the shape of a circle which existed in front of the Church.

Was transplanted, circa 1891, to the place where it is today. The Praça XV received the planting of other trees of the nineteenth century, such as Indian fig tree, royal palms and carnations in India. For many years he was surrounded by English bars, ornamental gates, kiosks, cafes and grotto.

The garden was opened and closed the nine to 21 hours. Today, some of the fences surrounding the old church of Rosario and San Francisco. Many circulate under the fig tree talk and retired pastors preach.

Besides postcard of the city, under all sorts of visitors, the fig tree is the target of sympathies and superstitions, including the ritual several times around the tree to attract wealth and marriage.

At Christmas time, a crib is assembled Cascaes designed by Franklin, made with natural elements, transformed by the techniques of Azorean cultural tradition.


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