Figueira Beache

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The beach of Figueira with its kiosks made ​​of thatch let the climate even more harmonious
Figueira Beache is the only one in Bonito. By having things like broad band of sand and a giant extension of water, she was named beach and is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bonito. Floor pedal and play volleyball are things you can practice when visiting the beach.

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For those who thought that in Bonito had no beach, you will be amazed at the Praia da Figueira. Indeed, it is a pond of 60,000 m, with crystalline waters and currents, have more respect for the beach, by having broad band of sand, scheme for volleyball and everything.

There you can swim, dive and practice other water activities such as floating, scooter, trampoline, kayak, pedalo, and zipline biribol, besides, of course, sand volleyball and racquetball, you can not miss on any beach, all accompanied by very hot and sunny.

On the beach of Figueira you can also enjoy a tranquil and lush boat ride on the Formoso river, where you surprised by the visit of monkeys, birds, and a huge amount of fish around the boat.

For diving enthusiasts, a warning: the relaxation turns into adventure when they arise between the shoals of colorful fish, the wrecks of a real boat and a plane.

If after so many activities you feel exhausted, do not worry, spend quiet moments in the wet bar or take a nap on the network, under the generous shade of the fig tree.


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