Fernando de Noronha

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The sight of Fernando de Noronha is simply a charm

About Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago belonging to the state of Pernambuco, consisting of 21 islands and islets covering an area of ​​26 km , situated in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Rio Grande do Norte.

It is an industrial district of Pernambuco since 1988 when it ceased to be a federal territory, whose acronym was FN, and the capital was Vila dos Remedios. It is managed by a general manager appointed by the state government. The main island is 17 square kilometers and is 545 km and 360 km from Recife Christmas.

In 1988, environmentalist Jose Truda Palazzo Gaucho Jr. campaigned for the purpose of that part of the archipelago became a national park preservation, and succeeded.

Today, the National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha, about 8km has as main objective the protection of endemic species existing there and the area of ​​concentration of spinner dolphins that gather daily at Dolphin Bay.

The Dolphin Bay is home to more regular observation of the species on the planet.

The National Park is today administered by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation.
The shopping center in Fernando de Noronha is the Vila dos Remedios, which can not be considered capital because the island is a federal district.

What to do in Fernando de Noronha

With 21 islands, a national marine park and a vastness in front, it is impossible not to have fun and make pleasant walks during your stay in Fernando de Noronha.

How about getting to know the various islands, bays and beaches of Fernando de Noronha?. Go straight to the Father Cacimba, a charming place, which preserves one of the main cards in Brazil, the Hill Brothers.

The Bay of Pigs is also one of the most beautiful places that exist in Brazil. A small place, with a narrow strip of sand, is known for their swimming pools full of colorful fish and has in front of the hill two brothers.

The beach is also one of the lion can not stay out of his script. The beach has lovely natural sculptures, like the stone that resembles a sea lion and the name of the beach, Morro da Viuvinha and also has several nests among the rock formations that can be seen. The Lion Beach is the beach that most turtle nesting occurs.

Another point that should be visited is the Sancho Bay, considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Besides being considered the most beautiful, she has the best spots for diving in the country. It is a wonderful place that is well worth being known.

For those seeking something more adventurous then do not waste time and contact the team has Ilhatur, which provides buggy rides and is the best option for those who do not want to rent a car. The tour lasts all day and takes most of the tourist beaches of the archipelago.

Scuba diving is also one of the more sought after by tourists in the region of Fernando de Noronha. There you have the opportunity to see the marine diversity closely. The visibility reaches 50 meters and can be done at night, with credential.

More for those who are beginners in diving can choose to practice Snorkeling Beach Watchtower, which has a coral reef close to the sand, beyond the families of colorful fish and stingrays and turtles.

The dolphins at Fernando de Noronha is also another attraction that attracts many tourists because it is one of the most enchanting Brazilian rarities. The Dolphin Watch in Fernando de Noronha is preserved by environmental law and administered by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, ICMBio.

The Vila dos Remedios is the commercial center of Fernando de Noronha and worth a visit because it has lovely historic buildings. The village also houses the seat of administration of the island, called Palace of St. Michael and the fallen ruins of the Fortress of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, built by Portuguese in the 18th century.

Finally, there are many sights and cultural Fernando de Noronha, which can and should be visited.

When to Go to Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a place that can be visited throughout the year, more for those who want to enjoy the very bottom of the sea and dive enough, the ideas are times in September and October, when the sea is calmer inside.

As for the surf lovers, the month of January is the most suitable, as it presents wonderful waves and allows you to surf and very successfully.

In times of December and February will be in July, the movement on the island is much higher, so the prices grow a little.

In relation to climate, rainfall occurs only during the period March to August and the average temperature is 28 C.

How to arrive in Fernando de Noronha


To get to the archipelago, coming from South, Southeast and Midwest youll have to catch a plane at the airport closest to you and fall in Recife or Natal.

Departing from Recife or Natal, the words to Fernando de Noronha lasts about an hour, with slight variations depending on the model of the aircraft.

International Airport in Recife / Guararapes Gilberto Freyre
Senator Square Salgado Filho, s / n, Imbiribeira, Recife.
Tel: (81) 3322-4188

Natal International Airport
Av Augusto Severo International Airport, s / n, Emmaus, Parnamirim
Tel: (84) 3087-1270

Fernando de Noronha Airport
Village DPV
Tel: (81) 3619-1148


You can also reach the islands by sea. Travel agencies promote expeditions from Recife, sailboats, or include Fernando de Noronha in the route of cruises along the Brazilian coast.

Make a Suitcase to Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha, without doubt, is the most tropical of Brazil, so prepare your suitcase so you can make the most of your trip.

Give preference to light clothing, tank tops and shorts, for there the climate is hot and the water too. Most do not give a coat of cold as the nights always a cooled due to the sea.

Make an emergency kit for traveling with medicines and bandages for possible accidents. Take care products skin as a repellent and sunscreen.

Do not forget to wear sneakers, because tours are done on foot and are also available walking groups throughout the islands.

And of course, do not forget your camera or camcorder to record every moment of your trip.

Take as many precautions as possible, because there the transport of goods is still precarious, so the value of the products increases considerably.

History of Fernando de Noronha

Although Fernando de Noronha is magnificent, no one knows for sure who was the discoverer of this paradise. It is believed that the island would have been discovered in 1500, the kingdom of Portugal, more precisely by Gaspar de Lemos.

There is likely to have been discovered by an expedition from which any Duarte Leite had mistakenly assigned the command of Ferdinand Noronha, held in 1501-1502.

That has to be called Island Ferdinand Noronha by Frei Vicente do Salvador, as is now known, is justified by the name come from the first owner of the hereditary captaincy, Ferdinand, or Ferdinand Noronha Loronha after donating D. Manuel I on February 16, 1504.

The archipelago was invaded a few times, notably in 1534 by the British, from 1556 until 1612 by the French in 1628 and 1635 by the Dutch, returning to the Portuguese control in 1700, to be re-conquered by the French in 1736 and permanently occupied by the Portuguese in 1737.

On December 31, 1926 and December 21, 1937, the territorial divisions of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha appears as the district of Recife.

The Federal Territory of Fernando de Noronha was created on February 9, 1942, desmanbrando from the state of Pernambuco. The administrative entity lasted 46 years, being extinct in five October 1988 and reincorporated into the their state of origin, which had as its capital the town of Remedios.

Before becoming a haven of tourism and ecology of the present day, the archipelago was a place of detention of convicts sent to serve time in prison that exists there, which ran from 1737 to 1942, and from 1938 onwards only for political prisoners of the New State .

By the federal constitution of 1988, but specifically Article 15 which deals with the constitutional provisions and transitoriais the territory of Fernando de Noronha was abolished and its area was reincorporated into the state of Pernambuco. From the state constitution of Pernambuco, 1988, the region became a state district, which has to date status.

Currently there is controversy over which state should belong to the archipelago. Considering the geographic location, Fernando de Noronha is closer to the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

According to Mr Ismael Wanderley, who at the time of the creation of the constitution of 1988 tried to pass an amendment that was enclosed the archipelago to Rio Grande do Norte, this state would not have at that moment a strong tourist business and therefore unable to exert enough influence to approve the amendment.

Security of Fernando de Noronha

Like any Brazilian city, the island of Fernando de Noronha is well supervised and has maintained a steady and cautious police, clear that, with our support, everything always comes out better than expected.

The island is well monitored and welcomes tourists as well, police stations have immediate customer service and are always ready to attend events.

To better enjoy your trip, well make the trip I found some tips for you to follow and have a peaceful trip and safely.

Avoid walking alone and at night in places you do not know, because this makes you a victim of trawlers.

Carry bags and backpacks always in front and preferably store photographic machines inside the bag. Do not go around carrying many valuables and avoid walking with portfolio, give preference to the use of credit cards.

And last but not least, contact the police station closest to you if lost or stolen objects.

Useful Phone Numbers of Fernando de Noronha

Tourist Information
Palazzo San Miguel - Vila dos Remedios
Tel: (81) 3619-1378

Noronha Airport
DPV Village, 3 km
Tel: (81) 3619-1311

Augusto Severo International Airport (Christmas)
Tel: (84) 3644-1000

Guararapes Airport (Recife)
Tel: (81) 3464-4188

Nortax - (81) 3619-1314

The island is the only agency of Banco Santander, with box connected to the Network 24 Hours


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